Winter and Joint Pain!!

When winter alarms triggers, the fear of winter frightens leaving people undelightful especially to the one who are already trapped by their joint pains. With every fall in degree, there is an increase in the joint pain. Joints are more irritable, rigid and painful in winters than summers.

Why winters aggravate joint pain?

This is because of barometric pressure which means the weight of the air pressing on the earth and its changes could be felt inside the nerve endings of tissue inside the joint. Thus, in both summers and winters pressure systems move across the earth’s surface, affecting victims of joint pain. Winters are very notorious.

The problem of pain is not same for all.

Joint pain is some discomfort, aches or soreness in the joints. The existence of joint pain is classified into inflammatory joint paint (Arthritis) and non-inflammatory joint pain (Arthralgia).  Both joint pains are subcategorized into 22 joint pains out which some Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, migratory arthritis, ankle pain, tendinitis, gout, joint redness, osteonecrosis and many more. Body areas usually affected are hips, ankles, and hands.

Every mile is two in winters. Don’t let your joint pain be the spoilsport. Let us discover the beauty of winters by saying goodbye to joint pain merely, by discovering food eating habits. Don’t give up; diet and the healthy lifestyle are the good relievers of your pain permanently.

So when your joints start to warn you of miserable weather ahead, plan to have these. Also, these tips are generalized.

Firstly, who complains of joint pain should get their uric acid levels tested. In case the levels are high, avoid the intake of purines in the diet.

Intake of Salmon fish oil capsules could be very beneficial to reduce general inflammation, morning stiffness, and reduce joint pain.

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for the health of bones. One can even opt for low-fat milk and contains the same calcium content as full-fat milk. Moreover, it is preferable to get 15 minutes of sunlight daily either one can go vitamin D supplements.

Nuts and seeds are the excellent sources of inflammation-fighting monounsaturated fat. Also one can eat Alsi Pinni in winters for their ease.

Bathing salt is not behind in loosening of stiff joints and reducing swelling in joints.

Vitamin C rich citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lime aids in preventing inflammatory arthritis and maintaining healthy joints.

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