Some Tips To Avoid Festive Weight Gain

The festive season has already started with lots of parties, feasts and family gathering. These day is very commonly to munch on sweets, fried food and enjoy sugary drinks. Due to family pressure it becomes very difficult to resist eating these. The fear of weight gain and guilt of eating such food keeps us awake all night.

But no need to worry here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid weight-gain during festival season:

🔹️Eat something light before attending the party. It’s never a good idea to attend a party on an empty stomach. If we starve ourselves then we will experience anxiety and tension and will tend to eat more. Eating something light or healthy before reaching the venue help you feel full and help avoid unnecessary binging on unhealthy food.

🔹️Try to choose healthy food alternatives when served to you. Instead of fried chips you can have something else like salted almond or cashews. Instead of fried food try to choose baked or steamed food. Try avoiding fried fish fingers and spring rolls and instead choose relatively healthier starters like salads, corn, tikkas, and kebabs. So, be attentive while filling your plate in buffets.

🔹️Remember to go easy on the alcohol and keep a check on your water intake and hydration level after a round of drinks. It will prevent boating and water retention in your body.

🔹️keep a check on your liquid calories. In the company of relatives and friends we tends to drink excessive sodas, juices and shakes that contain high amounts of sugar and not to mention the empty calories resulting in weight gain. Thus, one must avoid sugary, pre-packaged beverages. You can make lemonade or fruit smoothies at home as a better alternative.

🔹️when you proceed for main course try to avoid carb as much as possible and include salad and high fibre food in good amount.

🔹️Understand your body signs and avoid eating anything if your stomach feel full. Most people tends to overeat and have desert even after they are full which can turn out to be a big mistake.

🔹️Most importantly after enjoying the party food do remember to burn calories by an effective workout. You can go for walk or do home workouts. It will help you feel active and guilt free and will also help avoid feeling lethargic.

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