National Nutrition Week (1st-7th September )

India celebrates NATIONAL NUTRITION WEEK every year from 1st September to 7th September . The reason is to educate and aware people about importance of healthy eating and essential nutrients required in our food.

  • During this week Government of India take special measure to educate general public about benefits of a well-balanced diet.
  • In India, NATIONAL NUTRITION WEEK was first celebrated in 1982, the national government started a drive to motivate public about living a healthy and diseases free life.
  • Every year the government of India celebrates this week under a specific theme. The theme for 2021 was “feeding smart from start ” and this year for National Nutrition Week, 2022 the theme is “celebrate a world of flavours”.
  • celebrating world of flavours mean try new cuisine from around world by incorporating them in your daily diet.
    – Try to plan new cuisine from around the world and different culture.
    – Discover new herbs and spices from around the world.
    -Try some some new and exotic fruits and vegetables.
    -Learn new recipes from different cultures.

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