Gut Health And Food Good For Gut Health

Around 40 trillion bacteria is present in our body most of which are present in our Gut. They all constitute together to form gut microbia. So, gut is a home for these bacteria. Gut microbia helps you to break food and turn nutrients into complex that are used by the body.
Gut is also known as the second brain of our body. Gut health should be maintained as it is related to our immune system, mental health, gastrointestinal disorder and cancer.
If you always feel bloated, constipated, fatigue, stomach discomfort and have diarrhea then you might have bad gut health. Unexplained weight-loss and disturbed sleep are also sign of bad gut health.

Lets talk about food good for our gut health

Oats: They are packed with beta-glucans which is a soluble type fiber. These fiber help in nourishment of gut bacteria and also helps in maintaining normal blood sugar level, which also a role in gut health as an unhealthy gut impact our blood sugar.

Banana: They contain large amount of pectin, a soluble fiber which is good for gut health as it provides soothing effect on gut. They help in normal bowel movement and control our cholesterol level.

Lentils: They are good source of prebiotic which helps in nourishment of gut microbia. They are also high in fiber which is beneficial for normal bowel movement.

Yogurt: Yogurt is considered very beneficial for our gut health as it full of natural probiotic culture which strengthen our digestive track. Eating yogurts on regular basis helps get relieve from problems like bloating and helps to increase the number of gut microbia.

Berries: Berries especially blueberries are natural prebiotic which are rich in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and iron etc. Consuming them fresh or frozen help you to get relieve from intestinal inflammation and help in good gut health.

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