Green is the New Black for Coffee Lovers

Whether sipped early morning to start a day with energy or in the evening after a long day of work, there is nothing more loved, then a hot cup of coffee. The perfect cup of coffee has a different taste for everyone. But I would personally say that it’s all about selecting right beans. If we talk about the normal or black coffee beans they are extracted and roasted to give that perfect flavor and aroma. But when coffee beans are left in raw form to be soaked and concentrated into an extract called green coffee. Like we love everything “natural” these days, coffee is not left out as well. Being in its pure form, Green Coffee has a low amount of Caffeine, making it healthier in comparison to any other hot beverage.

Green coffee has recently become the favorite of every nutritionist, when comes to suggest a ‘Magical drink for weight Loss”. No doubt, drinking coffee is all about the fragrance of roasted beans but while roasting, coffee beans undergo certain chemical changes which reduce the level of a powerful nutrient called Chlorogenic acid. Presence of this substance helps green coffee to aid weight loss as it is responsible for controlling the sugar craving and insulin resistance by reducing glucose in the blood. It helps in boosting up the metabolism, absorbing the carbohydrates and blocking up the accumulation of fat in the body. If consumed before meal, the Chlorogenic acid reacts with the food and controls the amount of glucose one synthesizes. It builds up the metabolism and if followed by a balanced diet, it reduces weight.

In case you are not fond of hot beverages, you can still enjoy the flavor of green bean extract by making virgin mojito out of it. Green coffee can also be taken as an energy booster if it is taken in the form of a smoothie by adding bananas, dates and almond milk into brewed green coffee. Green coffee is on a slightly bitter side so is used in many supplements but I will never suggest you to go for them. Natural is always the best.

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