Anaemia – Deficiency of Haemoglobin

Have you ever wondered why people look pale, weak, fatigue, tired most often while some have those energetic charm and rosy lips and reddish cheeks..! Why its so..? This is all due to lack of blood. Most of half population of India is suffering from anaemia… i.e. due to lack of iron in blood. Although deficiencies in folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin A leads to anaemia. Today world too is facing different challenges with deadliest diseases and lack of blood can lead to severe problems.

Blood is very important fluid in living human beings, on an average a human being has 5 litres of blood in their body. If blood does not have healthy RBC that is red blood cells than it leads to anaemia. Most important mineral that is iron plays major role in increasing haemoglobin level. Daily requirement of

iron in an individual is 18mg /day. Haemoglobin is very important as, it transfers oxygen to the blood. Normally we can identify low level of haemoglobin in an individual by seeing palm, eyes, tongue can also be pathologically investigated through blood.


  •  Male — above 13gm per decilitre.
  •  Female— above 12gm per decilitre.

Comparison of two different levels of Hb.

Low Haemoglobin levels mostly seen in women during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation. Anaemia is not life threatening and can be treated by changing food habits or medical treatment.

Foods to include in iron rich foods in diet are broccoli, figs, tomatoes, red meat, eggs, spinach, chia seeds, banana, apple, beets, apricots .We can also have ABC juices like apple, beet and carrot for having good haemoglobin levels. Prune juice made from dried plum give instant growth in haemoglobin levels.

Most important and easily available food in Indian markets is jaggery which is very good source of iron, it purifies blood, boosts immunity too, and an instant energy booster. It can be in-fact eaten after every meal for good digestion and maintaining good level of haemoglobin.

Most mistakes are made by having tea or coffee with the meals which leads to decreased iron absorption in the body as it should be avoided as much as possible. Vitamin C rich foods should be involved in our daily diet as it increases immunity level in an individual.

Adding Exercise and yoga in our daily routine such as wheel pose, uttanapadasana, trikonasana, sun salutation, can help us maintaining good level of haemoglobin in our blood. Each and every man if has proper nutritious diet can lead to a healthy nation. Sometimes its not know if anyone has anaemia or any other pathological diseases, for this regularly every 2 year or 3 year routine blood test’s like CBC are advised.

Healthy Nation… Happy Nation…

Article by :- Rashmi Manglani

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