5 Hobbies to take to during this lockdown

Winston Churchill while talking about Hobbies and the importance of developing them, once remarked, “To Be Really HappyAnd Really Safe, One Ought To Have At Least Two Or Three Hobbies And That They Must All Be Real”.

Coming from a person of such great historical significance who led Britain to victory during the trying times of World War 2, this statement speaks volumes on the importance of developing hobbies in our lives. If a man who was so caught up with the events around him realized the value of having hobbies, then surely, we should too have a list of Hobbies that we indulge in and maybe even excel in. Surely many of us have our own Hobbies that we love to partake, but for the rest of us, letstalk about the value of inculcating a hobby to start with and also let’s talk about 5 hobbies that could really change our outlook towards life and also the way how we manage our time.

The recent Lockdown and the COVID 19 outbreak have restricted many of us to the confines of our homes.  A lot of our time is spent speculating when this would end and when would we resume with our normal Pre-Lockdown lives. But a bigger question that raises its head in our minds is that how should we pass our time while sitting at home, having nothing new to do. Also, undue stress has parked itself in our minds and lives and is slowly taking a toll on our mental health as well. Fret not, as there is a very simple answer to all of this and that is…


The Cambridge Dictionary defines a Hobby as “An activity that someone does for pleasure, when they are not working”

Renowned ward winning American Singer Harry Connick Jr. commented once on Hobbies, “I do the things I like to do. It’s sort of a bigger version of having more than one hobby”

What is to be understood by this statement and the definition before it is that a hobby can never be forced; it has to be something you really love to do or indulge in. Hobbies have the power to pull us away from all negative thoughts and also to eliminate stress levels, as they allow us to immerse ourselves in things that we actually love to do!  Remember the times we were in school and the all-time favorite question to be asked was about our hobbies. And the list used to be endless! Growing up, with responsibilities and with growing pressures, the column of hobbies slowly dwindled and now many people are left without any thing to call a hobby. Sad but true. So today, let’s discuss some things and activities that you can surely develop as a hobby and even love doing it and maybe even make a living out of it!

  1. Gardening

Remember there used to be a time when all food and fruit was healthy? You could basically pluck out veggies from the ground and eat them whole! Alas those times are long gone. With the increasing amount of pollutants in the sky, earth and water, doing that is no longer recommended nor is it safe to do so. This Lockdown has given us plenty of time to act on this and do something about it. Now mother nature too has got time to repair and replenish itself during this period. This is the perfect time to do something extra and involve ourselves in an activity such as gardening. Not only is it a great hobby to spend time doing, it is also great to grow and nurture plants and foods that are really therapeutic, nutritional and detoxifying as well. Basil, Cilantro, Salad Greens, Scallions, Mint, Rosemary are amongst the many options in addition to organic stuff that you can grow right in your backyard with minimal tools. People living in flats can always opt for hanging pots and regular pots.

  • Blogging/Vlogging

Is it books that interest you? Or is it writing that helps you soothe your nerves? Blogging is an evergreen medium to spell out your soul and also to share the knowledge that you might have with peeps and folks around the world. Start your own blog and see how many people feel the way you do. Trust us, Blogging might be old, but still is an effective medium of letting go of your thoughts and relieving stress. Plus, the topics are unlimited. They could range from your general interests in life to talking about staying healthy too. Vlogging is a more advanced form of Blogging and the Audio-Visual mode is always more appealing especially to youngsters. You could start off with the very smartphone you are reading this article on, and with a bit of skill and communication, you shall see the world become your new home! Talk about your life, share quarantine survival hacks or even start a cooking channel where you could share your healthy hereditary recipes with the world. Remember sharing is caring, and caring is what everyone needs during these tough times. Talking about cooking brings us to our next hobby you must try and that is… Yes, you are right! It is…

  • Cooking

You may be the one who has always been cooking or you may be the one who has been always eating. Either ways, there could be no better time than this to either improve on your culinary skills or learning how to cook. Why not try cross cultural cuisines and foods that you haven’t thought about trying before? Women and even men at home always try to cook the healthiest and most nutritious food for their families. Especially during these COVID 19 hit times, the importance of nutritional home-made food has risen manifold. Learn how to cook nutritious balanced and healthier articles at home. After all safety and health of our loved ones is paramount.  A simple and effective way to learn new heathy clinically nutritious recipes is to follow us at Dietitian Shreya’s on our social media handles (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) where we regularly share updates about what to eat and what not to, and also how to cook them! Better still, you can enroll for any of our health management packages and enjoy the benefits of more than 500 recipes that would satiate your taste buds as well keep you healthy and disease free! Let’s give you another great option that would help you out. We would love you to enroll for any of our Certified Custom-made Gastronomy Courses under Dietitian Shreya’s Academy (More Details Given) and gain invaluable knowledge for a lifetime!

  • Yoga/Meditation

“Meditation Brings Wisdom; Lack of Meditation Leaves Ignorance.” (Buddha)

The outbreak of Covid19 apart from the deaths and health issues, has brought along with it many other negativities like stress, Depression and a general sense of gloominess and sadness  into the world. While many of us are braving these tumultuous times, some of us may not be as brave or fortunate as the rest of us. Yoga and meditation are one of the strongest weapons that we have to fight off all such negative thoughts and ill effects of these times. Yoga not only keeps our body fit and strong, it also keeps our immunity strong. It helps ward off bad energies and also helps with our concentration and aids in keeping stress levels down. Meditation too does the same and keeps us one with “The One”, therefore helping us lead a positive and healthy life! Spare some time this lockdown to start with these and who knows, you might just make a hobby for a lifetime!

  • Enroll for Online Nutrition Courses

We live in a digital world these days. Right from songs to our movies, to our documents, everything has a new digital address now. Gone are the days when we used to have the need for physical upkeep of everything important to us. The world has gone Digital and so has education.! With more and more people finding it risky to attend classes physically, and also owing to the lack of time, learning something new that is of educational value too is the next best thing!  Utilize this time to update your skills or to learn something new. With a huge plethora of options available online, why waste this opportunity!! Healthy Living and Healthy Eating is the new “In” thing these days, and Dietitian Shreya, under her aegis has great Courses for you to enroll into at our Dietitian Shreya’sAcademy.  These courses are a great way to gain knowledge about the basics as well as about the in depth of Diet and Nutrition. Our Certified Courses available include a 1 Month Certificate CourseOn Gastronomy, 3 Months Certificate Course On Gastronomy, a 6 Months Advanced Course On Gastronomy, a 1 Month Online Clinic Management Course and a 2 Months Clinic Management Course as well.

As a parting note, remember this, make sure you choose a hobby that not only you enjoy doing, but also choose a hobby that makes you wiser at the end of the day. Choose a hobby that gives you a new skillset that might just change your future for the better!

From one hobby to another, take good care of your health!

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