India is the land of Yoga. The origins of Yoga go back to the Indus valley Civilization. There is mention of Yoga in the Rigveda as well. The western cultures and societies have adopted this practice and are making full use of it as well. Over the years, many types of Yoga Practices have come up which are aimed at different benefits for the body and mind. Your very own Dietitian Shreya, now a certified Aerial Yoga instructor, introduces special Aerial Yin Yoga classes for you!

You might have heard and read about inversion Yoga. Aerial Yin Yoga is a bit more complex than this. Not only do you perform Yoga poses while being inverted upside down, but it also has a whole lot of other elements to it. It is just not about hanging upside down from a hammock. Instead the advantages it has for the body and mind are unparalleled.

Some of the advantages of Yin Aerial Yoga are:

More and Better power to Focus: Focus is necessary in every aspect of life. Career, Relationships or studies, focus is paramount. The best part is the fear of falling is there when you are suspended mid air. This fear transforms into you paying more focus to your body and after some sessions, this transfers to your life and you end up being more focused overall.

Decrease in levels of Stress: With the busy cut throat lives we live, stress levels have risen to really dangerous levels. Aerial Yin Yoga is really beneficial for managing your stress levels. The time you spend connecting with your soul while performing Yoga Asanas, suspended high above the ground, calms your mind and body, thereby negating the bad effects stress might have on you.

Boosts up your Confidence: Challenges are really good for you. A new challenge motivates you to go out of your comfort zone and this in turn boosts your confidence manifold. The challenge of suspending your body higher than the ground and performing asanas give you confidence. This new found level of confidence will assist you throughout your life, making issues easy to handle and life easier overall.

Physical fitness: The stretching and performing of asanas helps us achieve physical fitness and this in turn applies to all internal organs as well. Aerial Yin Yoga increasing your flexibility and capacity to stretch. This is really good for your muscles, ligaments, joints and backbone as well.

Great for Cardiac Health: Performing Asanas in Aerial Yoga while practicing deep breathing is of great help to our body. The inhalations and exhalations improve our blood flow and this results in great cardiac activity thus increasing the longevity of your heart.


Preparing the body and then relaxing it post the Yin Yoga using the “AERIAL”. Aerial silk is great for improving strength, flexibility along with other benefits. Going anti gravity improves the oxygen supply to the brain which uplifts the mood as well.
We conducted separate batches for
● Cervical Spondylosis
● Skin
● improved blood circulation
● Osteoarthritis
● Osteoporosis
● Insomnia
● Hypertension
● Migraine

So don’t miss out this opportunity to grant yourself the gift of good health. Get in touch with us and book your healing with certified yoga teacher Shreya Goyal.