Why My Meta Diet is Unique?

People often complain about having a slow metabolism gaining weight. Just by eating a bit of anything they still gain weight. While some people don’t gain weight even after eating large portions due to a fast metabolism. In both the cases they end up fighting the scenarios without knowing the reason behind it and hence lead to several good questions:
What is the exact role of metabolism in weight loss or weight gain?
Is metabolism based on genes and can it be improved by certain foods?
Are the term metabolism and its facts just a myth?
Let’s just start with understanding the metabolism first. It is a process by which your body converts the food into energy. During this process, the calories in food and beverages are combined with oxygen to release the energy into the various part of the body to provide energy for their functions.

So how to tackle this situation of slow or fast metabolism?

The answer is META-DIETS.


Meta diets are combination based diets which not only helps in simple weight loss or gain.
Meta-diets break the myth of diets which says starvation, portion control and putting no thoughts on his/her disease. But in the Meta diets one can eat the right thing without any portion control, and in the case of starvation, he/she can repeat any previous diets of the same day which sets a person in his comfort zone while doing the diets. Also helps an individual to make his/her body disease free and correcting all the body parameters.
The diets are made highly personalized based on a person’s disease, all the medical parameters, region, weather, availability of fruits/vegetables, daily routine and likes/dislikes.

The term “combination based diets” says the person needs to eat what’s provided in the combination of a day which ultimately is the main secret behind the weight loss. However, this isn’t seen as strictness due to the huge number of varieties in this diet which keeps a person on their toes on what to come next followed by a cheat meal after every 6th day making it even more relaxing and enjoyable.

The variety of diets keeps the metabolism guessing and releasing different enzymes every day. Apart from the three main balanced meals of the day which are rich in carbohydrates and proteins, the mid meals play an equally important role in making the metabolism work the entire day. The increased function of stomach, liver, intestines, etc, more energy provided, more calories burned hence more weight loss. One has to eat frequent meals in every 2-3 hours which includes lemon water, green tea, green coffee, chamomile tea or negative calorie foods. The purpose of taking negative calories in the mid meals keeps the metabolism working throughout the day. It also provides fat loss without any muscle loss, irritation or mood swings. For example, an apple in the mid-meal offers 45 calories to the body but due to the activeness of the metabolism burns 90 calories. This results in burning off extra calories, more fat loss. Some of the negative calorie foods are broccoli, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, grapefruits, kale, lemons, lettuce, onions, strawberries, and watermelon.

The META-DIETS are known for keeping a person healthy not only physically but mentally as well; one can feel the improvement of health going parallel with the weight loss which is one of the most significant advantages of choosing META-DIETS over the other diets available. Being in this diet a person entertain new types of fruits, vegetables, and seeds or nuts in his diet along with getting aware with their nutritional benefits which helps him further in taking care of his/her family in the dietary zone. There is no portion specified in the diets as multiple frequent meals throughout a day set a person’s biological clock in such a manner that he doesn’t feel starved at any time of the day and can have the portion fixed on his choice or hunger.

Name any disease or deficiencies, and META-DIETS have the answer for it. It’s far better than colorful capsules and tablets and very easy on the pocket in comparison to the doctor’s bill, which makes it nature and pocket-friendly diet as there are substitutes for every food in the diet just in case you are running low on your ration or any eatable item.

Another bonus point of having META-DIETS is that your dietitian can make few simple changes and additions and it can be used to provide to those suffering from the issue of ultra-fast metabolism or people looking for gaining weight.


All this said, but there are still some questions left where the META-DIETS remain a mystery. Let’s answer that one by one.

Being on a disciplined diet, with a set pattern. Do we get the essential amino acids, nutrients, and minerals in our body?

The META-DIETS are rich in color; hence there isn’t any fruit, vegetables, seeds, or nuts which are not included in these diets. Based on the requirement of an individual’s body, the diets are made in such a way that he not only looks well from outside but from inside as well, providing all the nutrients, vitamin and minerals his body is seeking for without turning towards any supplement.

In this fast-paced life, one hardly gets some time alone for himself or to sit with his family, are META-DIETS not for them?

Also, what’s your view on the gym and workout? This is a very good question, and almost 70% of people reading this will agree to the question. However, apart from the time we make from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the mid meals can be carried with them on their workplace. It will only take 15 minutes to consume, which is manageable easily. For the other cases like a student, child, infant, pregnant lady, post-pregnancy, field job workers, rusher’s who need quick and easy cooking diets META-DIETS provides a big yes to all of them. And instead of spending 1-2 hours in the gym, losing up muscles in the way losing fat, an individual can give 15-25 minutes investing in yoga and brisk walking.


META-DIET is the best diet available right now for everyone. Its results are spectacular as it can cure a large number of diseases and imbalance in body parameters. It works very well for a middle-class family person. It can be molded for weight loss or weight gain on the demand of the requirements and made according to individual’s need leaving no page upturned for anyone to say no to META-DIETS.

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