Vegan Diet: A complete guide of essentials


Food is a personal choice but there are pros and cons of what we eat. Most vegetarians fall into the lacto-ovo category: They eat only non-animal products (fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, soy, etc.),

🌿People become vegetarians for many reasons, including health, religious convictions, concerns.
🌿 Animal welfare or the use of antibiotics and hormones in livestock, or a desire to eat in a way that avoids excessive use of environmental Becoming a vegetarian has become more appealing and accessible.
Thanks to the year-round availability of fresh produce, more vegetarian dining options, and the growing culinary influence of cultures with largely plant-based diets.
🌿Reasons for following a vegan diet can include preventing cruelty to animals, environmental considerations.
🌿 simply looking to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

who follow vegetarian diets can get all the nutrients they need. However, they must be careful to eat a wide variety of foods.
Nutrients vegetarians may need to focus on include protein, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin.

🌿 A person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather: Vegans get all the protein they need from
and other amongs so I am going to tell you some foods which have more protein then non veg.
🌿Like in one egg have 6g protein and Lentils (Hari dal)in one cup of cooked dal have 18g protein.
🌿Else in one cup of Green peas (hary mutter) have 8g protein.
🌿And then we have Hemp seeds it’s trending it’s have incredible nutrition value you can use it in smoothies or in salads and if we talk about there protein value so in 3 table spoon you get 10g protein yes😊
🌿4th we have chia seeds yummy personali it’s my favourite food and in 2 table spoon of chia seeds have 4g protein it’s really good source of protein.
🌿Next we have Quinoa” quinoa salad is really famous in many countries it’s rich in carbs and in 1/2 cup of quinoa have 7g to 9g protein😳 really nice.
🌿Spirulina it’s an algae it’s available in powder and in capsule form it’s also known for there protein content and anti oxidant and in two table spoon of spirulina have 8g protein content and it’s good for those people who suffering from Anemic and who suffering from Iron Deficiency issues.
🌿Then we have Nutrional flakes also my favorite it’s available in market in form of powder and flakes and in 3 table spoon of nutritional yeast have 12g protein you can use it in salads as a dressing.
🌿Next we have Beans in one cup of beans we get 15g protein it’s also rich source of protein.
🌿Last one is Tofu for example I don’t like milk so I replace milk with soya milk and in 1 serving Tofu have 20g protein also you can replace Paneer with tofu.
BeIow I share with you one seeds recipe
Fst you need to dry roasted
– sunflower
– sesame
– chia seeds
– flax seeds
– pumpkin seeds
1st you need to dry roasted 2nd Mix all the seeds and dry roast 1/4th cup of the mixture then it’s ready