Ever heard of some people who eat the same amount as yours even more but still healthy and slim? But you are not able to lose weight even after a lot of dieting and exercising. Honestly, the reason behind this is those people eat anything and still has less weight because as long as they are having the right amount of calorie intake they will not gain much amount of fat in their body. But when the calorie intake level goes below or high it will increase our hunger and cravings which will result in weight gain.

Some people these days think if they are having enough healthy food they are capable of losing weight. But this is not true there are some foods which are healthy for us but will not help in losing our weight. Here we are explaining some major food items which do not help us to lose weight.

DIET COKE: We often think that having diet soda is healthy for our health as they always diet in that. But it is not true and does not help any single percent in weight loss. Evenly they contain sugar amount and more calories. In result, you will gain weight. You can have smoothies in place of diet beverages. If you increase your water intake amount that will also help in weight loss.

MULTIGRAIN PRODUCTS: Don’t ever fooled by multigrain. If you are having multi grains in your diet your chances of weight loss are Impossible. Multigrain contain a very large amount of Carbs and fats which result in weight gain. You can use whole grain instead of multigrain because wholegrain helps in weight loss.

BOILED POTATOES:  Potatoes are good for health but it does not help in weight loss because potatoes contain a huge amount of sugar which result in weight gain. They are healthy for us as they contain a high amount of potassium which helps to control blood pressure but does not help in weight loss.

NUTS LIKE CASHEWS AND WALNUTS: Nuts like cashew and walnuts are very healthy for human beings. But they do not help in weight loss. As they contain a very high amount of healthy fatty acids which are no doubt very good but do not help in weight loss. So we should avoid these things and instead of these, she should opt for products like chia seeds, flax seeds etc.

JAGGERY: People say jaggery is very good for health as it contains a very low amount of calories as compared to sugar but it is wrong because whether it is sugar or it is jaggery it contains an almost same amount of calories which do not help in weight loss. Instead if you really crave for sweet you can have stevia. It is totally sugarfree and helps with weight loss as well.

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