The Miraculous Benefits Of Figs

Figs are commonly known as anjeer is a unique fruit which grows seasonally from July – September. Fresh figs are soft from inside with crunchy seeds and looks like a teardrop from outside. Many people also love enjoying them in dried form but you have to remember to soak overnight before consuming. One of the advantages of dried fig is that they can be enjoyed all year around.
Figs are naturally fat free and cholesterol free and are rich on soluble fibers along with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.
Figs are considered very good to satisfy your sugar cravings as they are natural sweeteners and also provide other benefits when eaten freshly plucked from tree or in dried form.
One thing to keep in mind is to eat them moderation. 1 medium size fig is more than enough to be included in your daily diet. Eating 2 or 3 a day can lead to weight gain and even diarrhea as they have laxative properties.

Potential benefits of figs:-

Helpful in blood pressure-
High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent killer as it also increases the chances of heart diseases and stroke. Main reason of blood pressure is imbalance in Potassium level and excess of the sodium in our body. Figs being rich in potassium helps in maintaining their balance and also being high in fiber help remove the access sodium from the body. So, overall control hypertension.

Good for digestion-
Figs are helpful in digestive issues like constipation and infrequent bowel movement. They are also seen to have laxative properties so beneficial to relieve from constipation but if taken in higher amount can lead to diarrhea.
Figs are also good fiber source so helpful in adding bulk to stool. They are also good source of prebiotic which is important for good gut health.

Good for bone density-
Figs are good source of calcium and potassium. These two work together and help improve bone density and reduces the risk of issues like osteoporosis. Calcium is the structural component of bone and figs contain calcium so obviously it is good for bone health.

Help in weight loss-
Figs make an absolutely healthy snack to munch on between your meals. They are high in fiber and law in calories. Being high in fibers they keep you feel full for longer time and helps in reducing unwanted food cravings.

Help in fertility for both men and women-
Figs are rich in antioxidants so they help improve the sperm motility and its count. It is seen that figs leaf extract is also responsible in increasing the sperm count. Being high in iron it also help in entire ovulation process of women.
Consuming it with milk is seen to provide fertility benefits.

Good for heart health-
Figs are high in antioxidant so they help fight free radicals and decrease the triglyceride and bad cholesterol from the body. Being rich in fiber and potassium it is also seen to be helpful in the removal of the access fat and also help reduce the pressure on the heart. Figs leaf extract is seen to increase good cholesterol level in the body.

Good for skin-
As figs are rich source of various nutrients and vitamins so they help balance melanin and prevent skin waterloss.
This help in increasing the hydration and prevent the skins from ageing and wrinkles.
You can either eat it or apply it topically for skin benefits.

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