Jyoti Aggarwal

Lost 7.8 kgs in 7 weeks

Ms. Jyoti inspires us to reach our weight loss goal. She had thyroid and PCOD. This New Year she decided to be healthy. With her determination and perseverance she lost 7.8 kgs in just 7 weeks. Her PCOD was cured and thyroid was reversed.  Read her incredible weight loss story.

NameJyoti Aggarwal
Height4 feet 98 inches (152 cm)
OccupationChartered Accountant
Weight Before Transformation61.8 kgs
Current Weight54 kgs
Weight Lost7.8 kgs
Duration7 weeks

I work as a CA and my profession involves long sitting hours. I had no time for physical activity. As a result I gained weight.  I was concerned about my health because I had thyroid as well as PCOD. I shared my concern with one of my friend. She suggested that I should consult Dietitian Shreya.

I looked her up on the internet and read about the clinic. Several success stories of people gave me assurance that this was the right place where I can lose my weight. I got in touch with Dietitian Shreya’s team. My fatty livers were at extreme level.

My diet plan was made keeping in mind my thyroid, fatty liver and PCOD. I followed my diet plan religiously for seven weeks and was very happy to see positive results.

Now I have lost 7.8 kgs and reduced 14 inches. My PCOD has been cured and there was reversal of thyroid. I will stick to this healthy lifestyle.

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