Dr. Ananta

Lost 37 Kgs in 7 Months

Dr Ananta’s weight loss journey is a tale of extraordinary human will and determination. She is a Gynecologist at Safdarjung Hospital. Due to her busy schedule she was not able to pay much attention to her weight. Now she is lighter by 37 kilos and currently weighs 63 kilos. But the story was different seven months ago. Read her incredible weight loss journey.

NameDr. Ananta
Height5 feet 15 inches (157cm)
Weight Before Transformation100 kgs
Current Weight63 kgs
Weight Lost37 kgs
Duration7 Months

Being a doctor I know how important it is to maintain a healthy body. I had put on weight while I was studying. After that I wanted to lose weight but had no time because of my busy schedule.

Last year I decided to do something about my health. As a doctor you don’t trust Google with your health. When it comes to health, I trust only the experts. I was looking for expert dietitian who could help me in my weight loss journey. While I was surfing the internet I came across Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic. I saw other success stories of people who lost weight within few months. They looked happy and satisfied.  That was the time when I was convinced to start my weight loss journey with Dietitian Shreya.

I walked in the clinic where an expert dietitian patiently listened to all my health concerns. She made me so comfortable that I was able to share all my worries with her. My BMI test was done after which my personal diet plan was prepared keeping in mind my likes and dislikes.

The diets which were suggested to me were very easy to make. They were prepared in such a way that all the ingredients required were readily available in our local market. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were also made part of my diet.

Sometimes I wanted to eat specific food so my diet was modified accordingly.

At times I felt frustrated because I had to say goodbye to all my old eating habits and everyone knows how difficult it is to avoid pizza or burger. It is not so easy to avoid unhealthy eating habits which we have acquired over the years. These habits have become a part of our lives. In the beginning I craved for junk food and just wanted to give up on my diet plan. But team Shreya motivated me and encouraged me to complete this journey.

I was patient throughout my weight loss journey. I already knew that I may not lose weight during the early stages of my dieting so I should be consistent. But in my case, I was able to see results after one month.

I knew that I had lost a great amount of weight but I never imagined that I would lose 37 kgs. Everyone was very happy for me. Now I have become more confident and much healthier.

This amazing journey could not have been possible without the constant support and motivation of team Shreya. Everyone at the clinic was very cooperative. I could ring up the clinic whenever I had any doubt regarding the diet.

For me this experience was not just about losing weight. I wanted to embrace healthy lifestyle not for a limited period of time but for my whole life. I have understood my body and its requirements. Now I can’t even think of going back to my early eating habits.

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