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Name of Recipe : Sugra free Khajoor Barfi

Ingredients : 1. 500 gm Khajoor
2. 100 ml Ghee
3. Dried fruit- kaju badam pista
4. 100 gm Rai
Appliance- Mixer, grinder, non stick pan

Method : 1. Take fresh Khajoor and remove seeds of the Khajoor from the middle.
2. Put Khajoor in grinder to make a thick paste
3.roast all the dried fruits on low flame for 5 min.in ghee so that they become crispy.
4.now remove the roasted dried fruit and the ghee from the pan and roast rak for 2 min until brown
5. Now use the pan to cook the Khajoor paste in ghee for 10 min. Until thick brown color comes and ghee gets separated.
6. Add roasted dried fruit and Rai for taste and mix
7. Make funky shapes with the dough and let the dough cool.in shapes in refrigerator
8. Barfee is ready.

Prep. Time : 30 min.
Cook Time : 15 min.