Spices That Helps In Weight Loss

Spices are a huge hit in Indian kitchen. They are used to increase the flavor and taste but also provide immense medicinal benefits. They are known to have therapeutic and anti-bacterial properties. Spices consist of high amount of iron, minerals, magnesium and calcium.

Spices are also known to aid in weight loss. So, lets discuss some commonly found Spices that helps in weigh loss.

Cinnamon: It is very well known for weight loss and is rich in antioxidants. Cinnamon is good for boosting our metabolism and reduces the bad effects of high fat food. Cinnamon also have an effect on blood glucose level which leads to weight loss.
You can have a Cinnamon tea by boiling a cinnamon stick in water for several minutes, add lemon to it after straining the tea and enjoy the benefits.

Fennel: It contains vitamins A,C and D and are high sources of fibers. Being high in fibers it helps us stay fuller for longer period of time and prevent craving. Fennels are also known to reduce fat stored by improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Soaking fennel seeds overnight and drinking the water empty stomach will cause weight loss.

Fenugreek: They contain galactomannan, a water soluble fiber which helps in reducing the accumulated fat and proper digestion with elimination of toxins.
Soaking fenugreek seeds overnight and drinking the water empty stomach is proven to be beneficial for weight loss.

Black Pepper: They are also known as “king of spices”. They contain a chemical called as piperine which helps to increase our metabolism and reduce the accumulated fat. They are also known to increase the level of good cholesterol.

Turmeric: Turmeric is known to have many medicinal properties along with weight loss. It help regulate the blood sugar and prevents insulin resistance. Turmeric also prevents the storage of fat in our body.

Cumin: These are good for reducing fat from stomach and also helps in digestion process. A study proved if we add cumin to our meal everyday it help reduce 3 time more fat then usual.
It also help removing bad cholesterol from our body.

Cayenne pepperšŸŒ¶-They are very loved by people for the spicy kick they provides. They are very helpful in weightloss process as they leads to fast metabolism and warms up body nature.
Just sprinkle some of it on your food and enjoy its benefits.

Cardamom: It is a digestive stimulant and has diuretics properties. It helps boost the metabolism and burn the fat accumulated in abdominal region. cardamom is also known to control blood sugar level.

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