Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer in which the cells in the breast grows out of control. It effects women and also men( very rare).
Signs and symptoms varies from person to person.
Every women needs to be aware of signs of breast cancer so, to detect it at early stage and get treated as soon as possible.

Lump– irregular lumps may form in breast or underarm region. Lump is most obvious sign of breast cancer. They can be soft or hard. These lumps can be fixed or movable and are usually painless. These lumps feel different from other breast tissues.

Pain– It is common to fee pain in breast areas as it might occur due to wearing wrong bra or approaching menstrual cycle. But if pain stay for more then 2 weeks then it might need to checked by doctor as an alarming sign of breast cancer.

Redness– if your breast appears to be red in colour with warm feeling then it might be a sign of breast cancer.

Nipple Discharge– If you are not lactating or breastfeeding but still there is a discharge coming out of nipple then it might a alarming sign of breast cancer. This symptoms marks the early stage of breast cancer.

Dimpled Skin– In this the skin appears to be like an orange peel. It is a common sign of inflammatory breast cancer. It might cause irritations.

Visible Veins– If you see appearances of veins on our breast then it might be a sign of cancer and needs to checked.

Swollen Lymph Node– sometimes the cancer also spreads to lymph nodes and make them swollen and hard. It mostly seem as a lump or swelling under your armpits.

Size Change Of Breast– If you observe a sudden size change in one of your breast then it might be due to breast cancer.

Nipple Becomes Inverted– These signs are very easy to identify. The nipples is pulled into the breasts instead of pointing outwards.

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