Matar ki sbzi and jowar roti

I travel a lot because of my work commitment. One of the advantages of travelling often is that I get to meet different people and experience different cuisines. Sometimes the culture of a place is so different from ours that I wonder if I am still in India or abroad.

Mumbai has been one of my favourite cities. Recently I got a chance to go there as our new Mumbai clinic was to be inaugurated. People were so warm hearted and welcoming. I could feel love all around me.

It is rightly said that love, caring and sharing are deeply rooted in Indian culture. Our country has a very rich culture. Whoever comes to India sings praises of our culture. From a very young age we are told the importance of sharing and caring. I am sure most of you must have remembered how your mother used to tell you to share everything with your siblings. In the school we used to share tiffin box with our friends. Most of the adults miss home and especially home cooked food because when our mothers cook food for us they pour their love and care into it. Now we hardly get time to visit home and enjoy our mother’s home cooked food.

When I was in Mumbai I met this wonderful woman. I had just wrapped up my work and wanted to explore the city. Many of my friends had suggested that I should go to Mumbai’s famous Juhu Chowpatty. So I went there in the evening. The breach was crowded. The beach was thronged both by tourists as well as local population. Children were playing in the sand. There were long queues at different food stalls. While people were standing in long lines for Vada pav, owner of the stall herself came towards me and offered me her home cooked food.i was overwhelmed with emotions. We had jowar roti with matar ki sbzi. She told me that it was prepared in coconut oil. It was so tasty that it would give any big hotel run for its money. I told her about all the benefits and nutrient contents of matar ki sabzi and jowar roti.

While talking to her I realized that our mothers may not know the nutrient contents in food and vegetables but they always make food that is very healthy for us. They try to give us everything that is good for our body. Her kind gesture really touched my heart and it strengthened my belief that it does not take money to do well in society. All it takes is a kind and caring heart. I became very emotional when the time to leave came. We embraced each other and said our final good bye.

I am full of gratitude towards this kind hearted lady for sharing her food with me. I will never forget this act of kindness. I believe that nothing compares to the joy of sharing. This Mumbai trip has become very special for me. These memories will stay with me forever.

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