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Navratri Diet Plan

Navratri is a major festival held in honour of divine feminine. For many people it is a time of fasting and religious reflection while for others it is a time for feasting and dancing. In fact, it is the right time when most people try to ensure keeping their weight under control. But, besides keeping a track of weight during this period of time, one must also follow the right steps and a suitable diet plan for keeping weight under control.

If you want a Navratri diet plan that meets all your nutritional needs and is suitable for your body, then we have some best ones for you.

At Dietitian Shreya’s Clinic, we first try to understand your body type, lifestyle and your kitchen to design a diet plan that fits you in every possible way. After getting an insight of your body type and lifestyle, we tend to provide you the diet plan that fulfills all the nutritional values your body needs. The concept of understanding your kitchen is based on the fact that after getting to know your kitchen we customize your diet plan in a way that you find each meal easy and practical to cook. Thus, we place a greater emphasis on developing the best understanding of your lifestyle, body, and kitchen.

Once we provide you the customized diet plans and you start following the same, we keep a regular follow-up session with you. This follow-up session is meant to help us understand if you are following your diet plan as suggested and how your body is responding to the provided diet plan. Once we get to know the reactions of your body, we work on making the necessary changes in your given diet plan, if required.

We make sure that you get the diet plan that works well for you and our team of experts keeps a regular check on your commitment towards the plan.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to celebrate this Navratri in the healthiest way possible, then this special Navratri diet plan is a must to go with.

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