आप सभी को राम राम सा

Rajasthan, a place rich in culture and heritage but people have so much misconception about this beautiful place. Whenever people are asked to describe Rajasthan they just say land of desert and sand.

But Rajasthan has so much more to offer from magnificent heritage to best hospitality. If I talk about rajasthani people, they are sweetest and always welcome everyone with warmth.

If I start describing their food I will never stop as I love it so much. From Dal baati churma to mirchi vada to kalakand.

So, all Rajasthani people who want live a healthy and disease free life without missing out on rajasthani food get enrolled with us right now…

I Dietitian Shreya has experience of 18 years for creating a personalized Dietplan regarding weight-loss, weight gain, Diabetes, Hypertension, high-cholestetol, pcod/pcos, thyroid, cancer, arthritis etc.

I promise you that with your Dietitian Shreya achieving your health goal will be super easy and you will get to enjoy your favorite rajasthani food as well.

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