Nutritional Benefits of Kachi Kairi

I remember the days in Mumbai Chaupati where every Nook and corner you get to see the Thela wala’s with #Kachikairi and that was enough to make you drool.

Even on roadsides of my Chandigarh city beautiful, we get to see all the mango trees, which are so delightful to eyes.

And I am so sure that every child or adult they try to find a stick or stone to get those kachi ambi from these trees.

For children this is the best summer activity. And for women it is best cooking time to try different mango recipes.

And if you ask me it is Hing ka ambi achar (as it is with no oil). And I remember my dadi and my muma making aam ki chutney, aam ki Sabzi and raw mango juice. Summer Is fun with mangoes. My favorite is Anngyan, kachi ambi, aam ka panna, ambi dal, aam hing ka achar, aamras, Kachchi Kairi.

Nutritional Benefits

1. Rich in vitamin C prevents Scurvy (a mouth/gum condition.

2. Protect the body from heat stroke.

3. Helps boost immunity.

Good source of folate, B vitamins, as well as vitamins A, C, K and E

4. Supports Heart Health

Because of it’s magnesium, potassium and the antioxidant content mangiferin, kacha Aam supports heart functions.

5. Niacin in mangoes reduces bad blood cholesterol levels.

6. It also aids in bile production and fat digestion thus best for some liver disorders too ,for some it helps in preventing acidity.

But yes 100 gms of unripe mango can give you 60 to 70 calories.

So if you are diabetic or on a weight loss diet plz consult your dietitian they can certainly make you enjoy them mentioning portions.

Also always have them after removing the SAP FROM IT ..

then have it

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