Moms & Menopause

Much like hitting puberty, menopause can be a turbulent time in a woman’s life. With her hormone’s going haywire and all the body changes, menopausal woman has to bear a whole lot. Our mothers are our pillars of support; and to see them go through this disturbing phase might be not be easy . But hey–it’s not your mom, it’s menopause and, this is the time when she needs you more than ever.

First things first: Let’s understand menopause.

If your mum is between the ages of 45 and 55 and has not menstruated for 12 consecutive months–then well, she is into her menopause. Menopause is inevitable that’s why you should prepare your mum for it.

When should you know its kicking in?

Change in Menstrual Cycle pattern, Hot Flashes, Sleep Disturbances with night sweats, Cognitive concerns, Mood Swings, Muscle Fatigue, Dryness of Vagina, changes in general appearance like skin, hair, weight etc.

How can we help our mamas to phase this out smoothly:

  • Lifestyle changes (like Meditation, taking her for spa, keeping her stress free etc)
  • Keeping a check on her eating habits.
  • Involving her in physical activities like taking her for a walk, going for zumba sessions etc
  • Making her Drink Plenty of water
  • Check for Medical Treatment with her Doctor if needed(like hormone replacement therapy etc)
  • Be her friend, so that she could share her irritation and lift her mood.

Food helpful during Menopause:

  • Iron Rich food: to prevent anemia, like pulses , green leafy veggies etc.
  • Dairy products: to correct any Vitamin D deficiency or Osteoporosis, contains potassium, calcium and vitamin K.
  • Essential Fats: to control mood swings and depression and reduce risk of breast cancer, like walnuts, flax seeds, fish oil etc.
  • Estrogen rich food: like Soya, Dried fruits, Sesame seeds, Berries etc.
  • Fiber rich food: whole grains, fruits and vegetables etc.
  • Whole grains: high in fiber and B vitamins

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