Make Your Soul Fly : Yin Aerial Yoga

Undoubtedly a proud moment for me.
I got this Aerial yoga certificate and I proudly use this designation “AERIAL YOGA TEACHER”

Also, I am excited to announce that I am finally offering an AERIAL YOGA  training program. I have developed this program specifically for people who want to take yoga asanas to cure diseases or pains with much more involvement of science and healing .

For complete fitness and good health, diet and exercise go hand in hand. Diet covers 70% and the remaining 30% is exercise. There is no better form of exercise than Yoga & Aerial yoga because of minimum equipment usage. Yoga is an ancient form of fitness with Indian roots. It is all about pushing your limits overtime.

If you enroll in a diet and yoga package you can avail huge discounts upto 50%

Choose to do a more Yin style aerial yoga workout to get your adrenaline rushing which helps to keep your energy levels high. Along with that it releases happy hormones #serotonin #oxytocin #dopamine & #endorphins which are the best mood boosters.

Yin Aerial Yoga rejuvenates the bodily systems and improves the body’s internal functioning such as the circulatory,  digestive and respiratory systems. Inversions help with back pain, increase strength, tones the muscles of the upper as well as the lower body. The stretching relaxes your abdomen and provides relief from IBS.

It helps with

• Sciatica
• Depression
• Cervical
• Arthritis
• Body pains, Migraine
• Thyroid
• Heart diseases, liver, neuro conditions
• Weight / Fat loss
• Muscle building, Height Growth
• Core strength / Abs defining
• Anti aging / Skin glow
• Flexibility
• Blood circulation
• Hair strength
• Diabetes
• Hormonal Imbalance
• Insomnia

Experience the Yin Aerial Yoga and see your stress and ailments disappear while you are hanging free in the air.

You are welcome to take the first class starting from 1st DECEMBER 2020

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