Litchi – Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Litchi is a very luscious tropical fruit. This fruit is loaded with various minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

They have a cooling effect on your body.

Litchi fruit has 82% water, 17% carbohydrates, 1% protein and negligible fat content.

Not only does it benefit your skin but it also has anti-aging effects.

This fruit has no saturated fats and consists of a fair amount of fiber and Vitamin B which aids in boosting the metabolism.

Foods rich in fiber suppress appetite and enhance the appetite.

Benefits of Litchi

● Litchi has good copper content which is amazing for boosting blood circulation

● It is high in Vitamin C which aids in boosting immunity

● Regulates blood pressure because it’s loaded with potassium.

● Full of antioxidants which get rid of the free radicald.

● Rich in dietary fiber which aids in promoting cardiovascular health.

● Improves digestion and has proved to be very beneficial in getting rid of constipation.

● Enhances eyesight

● The flavanols in Litchi have anti-inflammatory properties.

● Litchi is also known to protect from asthma

Note- People suffering from Diabetes and taking weight management diets should consult their Dietitians before consuming the fruit.

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