Know my journey from Shreya to DIETITIAN SHREYA

Throwback to all the times I was awarded for my profession.
Know me from shreya to DIETITIAN SHREYA

I am proud of myself as a daughter,mother and a professional.

I am proud to be Dietitian because dietetics is a subject where you can not only cure the diseases but also prevent them with the diet the food and positive thoughts not with drugs or surgery.

In this field, we have compassion and enthusiasm. Till date we have reversed and treated plenty of diseases I am very proud I have millions of fans, followers and happy clients I’m gratified by this response.

Thank you for having faith in me. I promise to work harder and smarter. The learning process in the medical field never ends, therefore, I’ll keep researching and learning to do better than the last day.

From one cabin to 20 clinics, Dietitian Shreya’s Academy, Healthviser this journey has been wonderful.

Nutrition and Dietetics has given me the opportunity to employee so many people.

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