A bowl of fresh, creamy and homemade curd/yogurt is one of the simplest food joys. This wonder dairy product can make for a dish itself with fruits or chopped onions and tomatoes or it can be blended into smoothies, used to add texture to your curries or make your breakfast cereal wholesome. It is very convenient for us to pair curd/yogurt with our daily meals but has we ever wondered about the amazing health benefits that we can enjoy by having a bowl of curd or yogurt every day? Yogurt comes from milk and therefore, it is loaded with several essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. An advantage with yogurt is that it is light on the stomach and easier to digest than milk. The curd is a great probiotic, therefore it is very good for our guts.

There are many more benefits of curd. Some of them are given below if you didn’t know about it

Good for digestion: Yogurt/curd is a great probiotic (an ingredient that contains live bacteria). These good and beneficial bacteria are known to improve gut activity, soothe inflamed digestive systems and treat an upset stomach.

Stronger immunity: The live active cultures found in curd/yogurt fight disease-causing germs and keep your gut and intestinal tract protected. The dosage of curd contains effective boosting immunity which is very good for our health.

Reduces high blood pressure: A person who eats who consume more curd as compared to the person who does not consume it are likely to have less risk of high blood pressure. The special proteins in yogurt along with nutrients like potassium and magnesium help in lowering high blood pressure and promoting a healthy heart.

Prevents Vaginal Infections: It is considered very good for women as it helps in discouraging the growth of yeast infections. The lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria found in yogurt/curd is known to control the growth of infection in the body and kill the yeast by kills by producing hydrogen peroxide.

Good for the bones: A cup of yogurt/curd contains about 275mg of calcium. A daily dose of calcium not only helps in maintaining bone density but also strengthens them. It is low in fat and calories and thus, may also help in keeping our weight in check.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol: The live probiotics in yogurt/curd include Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which help to decrease cholesterol levels. It is also proven that regular intake of curd has the potential of reducing the risk for coronary heart disease by 6 percent to 10 percent.