Immunity Boosters In Times Of Covid

The sudden upsurge in the COVID-19 cases in India has again disturbed the people while creating a huge impact on their behaviour and mental wellbeing.

The only tools we have to fight this virus are- Protection, Awareness and positive outlook.

To Protect ourselves the only way is to build immunity. The ones with weak immunity catch the virus easily. Though it takes about 6 months to a year to build immunity, right now is the best time to start.

Following are some of the soldiers/army men who enhance immunity and help to win the battle with the virus:


We get Ghiloy tablets, powders in ayurvedic shops or we could get fresh Ghiloy stems or leaves and make a water infusion or concoction out of it. It strengthens immune systems, rejuvenates the body and has alkaline properties which prevent acidity, bloating. It is also an Immunomodulator, helps us to detoxify body and fight with the bacteria/viruses.


It’s the most powerful spice of our country. It contains Curcumin, which has several useful properties- antiviral, antibacterial, strengthens immune system, ImmunoModulator (Reduces inflammation).


People have it as a fresh juice or as a candy. In spite of being Vitamin C which is water soluble, the nutrients of amla don’t get lost in water. But since Sugar is the food for bacteria , we should avoid the candy/ murabba. Instead we could dry and powder it, have it as juice etc.


It increases immunity, has strong antioxidants, rich source of B complex vitamins and reduces inflammation in our body. We can plant wheatgrass at our home, make a tea, infusion or powder of it.


We get a lot of supplements made of herbs and food with medicinal properties, for boosting immunity, smooth breathing etc.

Green Herb Tea

We could make a powerful tea with ingredients like- Lemon grass, parsley, Oregano, Tulsi (not more than 1 leaf, as contains mercury)

Coconut Oil 

It contains medium chain triglycerides, which prevents the virus to enter our body. So we could apply it on our body and do oil pulling before sleeping. We could spit the oil out or gulp it in.

Some other Foods & Home Methods 

We could use Moringa powder, spirulina powder, Kalonji etc to boost body’s fighting capacity. We could start our day with lemon water and honey. We shall do gargle twice a day using Disprin, betadine, plain salt etc. Most important way is to keep washing hands frequently.

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