Health Tips For Coming Winter Season

As winter is just around the corner it becomes important taking extra care of our health and our loved ones. Winters are very cozy season and we love to stay in bed with our blanket.
One of the major drop back of the winter season is that are immunity becomes low due to reduce humidity level and inactivity of our body. Taking enough sleep, eating good food and being active are some way to take care of our health during winters.

Good habits to adopt during winter season:-

Include physical activity
Winters makes you lazy and demotivated to workouts because of the cold weather. But only 20 minutes of exercise is more than enough to feel active. When we exercise it release sweat which help to release feel good hormone such as endorphins and enkephalins which improve mood. It is also seen to be good for our heart health. Exercising during winters doubles the amount of fat that we burn and helps us to stay warm. It also helps in boosting our immunity and fighting seasonal illness. So, try to include cycling, walking, playing sports and exercise in your daily lifestyle.

Good skincare
Dryness is very common during winter season. It makes us feel irritated seeing cracked or dry skin. Only way of treating this is drinks enough water as dryness is main symptoms of dehydration. Also Don’t forget to use a good quality moisturizer.
Moisturize your whole body including lips, neck, arms, legs, elbows, knees, not just face and hands.

Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables
It is very important to eat particular fruit according to season as they provide essential benefits. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers. Eating them is very beneficial for our immunity and help us fight illness.
Winter season fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, oranges, carrots, apple, grapes etc. are full of vitamins c, zinc and iron.

Drink tulsi honey tea
During winters our chances of getting cold, cough and flu becomes very high. So, we need to take immediate measures to boost our immunity. Evidence has shown that including tulsi and honey in your diet in form of tea or other is very beneficial for preventing diseases. Boil some tulsi leaves in a cup of water, pour it in a glass and add honey to it. Drinking this will help boost immunity.

Eat healthy diet
Special care should be given to diet during the winter season and it should be nutritious in order to provide energy and keep us form warm. Try to include protein and fiber in your diet.
Protein helps to increase the energy levels and help in building bone and tissues. It also helps to increase the metabolism of a body. Major sources of proteins are meat, dairy products, nuts etc. keeps us warm from inside.
Including omega-3 rich food is also beneficial during winter season.
Fatty fishes like sardines, salmon and walnuts, falx seed are amazing sources of omega-3 fatty acids.
These work as lubricants for the joints and helps in providing relief from joint pain that occur during winters.
Keeping the content of fiber high is also very beneficial for digestion health during winters.

Hydrate yourself-
Drinking enough water during winters help reduce dehydration so less dryness. It also help in removing toxins from the body in form of urine. Hydrating yourself is essential during winter season because body looses fluid due to high expenditure of energy, frequent urination and use of heavy clothing.

Get sunlight
Exposure to sunlight for 30- 40 minutes during winters is very beneficial for us as it helps in blood flow and maintain adequate respiratory rate. Sunlight is also a major source of vitamins D. It is also good for our mental wellbeing as help in reducing anxiety and depression.
The weather changes during winter season and this change also effects our health. So, adopting these mentioned habits helps you really enjoy the winter season without the fear of getting ill.

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