Harmful Effects Of Reheating Cooking Oil

Oil is one of the most important ingredients in Indian household and without it cooking seems impossible.
Puris and pakoras are major hit during festivals season.
But what you do of remaining oil ?
I know reuse them.
Do you know that Reused and reheated oil leads to release of toxic substances and free radicals in the body causing inflammation and chronic diseases. Reusing oil seem good in order to avoid wastage of oil but continues reheating it make it poisonous for us.
Harmful effects of reusing our cooking oil:

Releases bad smell and toxic components-

On reheating of oil harmful toxins like aldehydes are released which leads to major health issues like cancer, alzheimer’s, parkinson and heart related diseases. Another toxin called HME (4-hydroxy-trans-2-nominal) is also released which causes alternation in DNA and RNA of our body.
Every time oil is heated its fat molecule breaks down a little more causing it to reach it smoke point which release bad smell.

Increases your cholesterol level-

During high temperature the fat present in oil gets converted into trans fat which are harmful fact leading to cause high cholesterol and heart related diseases.

Causes acidity –

If you consume reused oil it also increases the risk of acidity, stomach burn, throat problems and other problems. So, it us advised to avoid eating from street vendors as they have high chances or reheating of oil.

Spikes up high blood pressure level-

Consuming reused oil also increases chances of high blood pressure. The chemical composition of frying oil changes with time and releases free fatty acids. Repeated use of fried oil can result in compound toxicity, lipid deposition, oxidative stress, hypertension, atherosclerosis and many more health issues.

Have carcinogenic properties-

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which have potential carcinogenic risks are also released be reheating of oil.

Consuming reheated and reused oil leads numerous health hazards. FSSAI ( food safety and standards authority of India) guidelines talks about limiting the use of reused oil and a maximum to 3 times is permitted to avoid trans fat formation.

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