Every Thursday we visit to our clients kitchen garden and have these tea date with them which is freshly brew with the herbs plucked from there gardens.
To spread awareness and encourage people to grow plants there own food.
So that they can fight loneliness ,and have numerous health benefits along with protecting environment.
Along there are several benefits as .
●You get fresh herbs whenever you want.
●You know exactly what you’re putting in your food.
●It works out cheaper.
You become a lot healthier.
You get a calming dose of nature.
•Plants repel mosquitoes.
There’s an unbelievable sense of accomplishment involved.
There is a need of spreading awareness as millions of people around the world cannot afford a healthy diet, putting them at high risk of food insecurity and malnutrition. But ending hunger isn’t only about supply. Enough food is produced today to feed everyone on the planet.
The problem is access and availability of nutritious food, which is increasingly impeded by multiple challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict, climate change, inequality, rising prices and international tensions. People around the world are suffering the domino effects of challenges that know no borders.
Worldwide, 75 percent of poor and food insecure people rely on agriculture and natural resources for their living. They are usually the hardest hit by natural and man-made disasters and often marginalized due to their gender, ethnic origin, or status. It is a struggle for them to gain access to training, finance, innovation and technologies.
I as a millet girl urge everyone to please also start consuming millets .

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