Dietitian Shreya’s Group

With the festivities right around the corner, I thought what could be a great opportunity to let you all know that your favorite Dietitian Shreya and her team has something excited to share with you all. Any guessing??
Well well, for those of you who don’t know me, Hello !! everyone i’am your Dietitian Shreya. I’am a clinical nutritionist and I currently channel 20 diet clinics almost all over India. I’am specialized in weight loss management, hormonal imbalances and metabolism support therapies and have treated more than one lakh patients all over country. Working with a professional team ethically, all my clinics provide excellent services with astounding results guaranteed. We work hard and try to generate the new motto for the new generation #healthyhaihum

As a philanthropist, i try to indulge myself to the maximum level of knowledge and experience to make everyone out there, aware about the power of nutrition in our lives. Keeping this idea in mind, I volunteer myself in many activities under the name of:

Each and everyone out there is a dietitian in their own way. I as a clinical nutritionist run Dietitian Shreya’s Academy to enthusiast and encourage people to inculcate in a healthy lifestyle. My Academy provides an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to learn the art and science of nutrition and help themselves and their families to practice healthy living together. For those of you who are desperate to be a part of our team, get yourself enrolled today.

India is one of the leading countries in malnutrition and its related problems. As a nutritionist it’s my utmost priority to acknowledge and support the people out there who are lacking in their nutrition and health care. With this idea in my mind, me and my team initiated a health campaign with the name of “AHARIKA” and went from home to home generating awareness about malnutrition and undernutrition and how it has impacted us. Targeting on women and children health, “AHARIKA” has affected many lives and has helped many families, so don’t delay your time of donation and be a part “AHARIKA” today.

As a strong believer of ” the law of attraction ”
I think every inch of mother nature makes me feel unique and healed whenever i’am close to it. This perception of my love for nature brings me to favorite activity “STAYTOX” – a perfectly designed event to detoxify your body, mind and soul within the lap of nature.
Good nutrition, Yoga and Ayurveda collaboratively makes this detox journey a worth experience for life. So, don’t wait too long and come up with us for a getaway for you and your family.

To be a part of DIETITIAN SHREYA’S FAMILY contact us at – 7307303835