Covid Myths On Social Media

WhatsApp, India’s most popular messaging platform has been on alert for spreading misinformation regarding Covid, which were baseless and found to have no proof. Hence the citizens were give warnings to be ware and read cautiously.

Here are some of the common myths being circulated on WhatsApp.

Myth: Drinking alcohol protects against Coronavirus

Fact: Drinking alcohol does not protect you against Covid-19, and can in fact be dangerous. The harmful use of alcohol increases your risk of health problems, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Myth: Adding pepper to meals prevents/cures Coronavirus

Fact: While pepper in soups and other meals can enhance their taste, improve metabolism or act as antibiotic, it cannot prevent or cure coronavirus.

Myth: Drink hot water every 15 minutes to avoid corona

Fact: Water can only hydrate the body and lower the risk of infection by helping in releasing toxins. Water can’t kill the virus. Also water doesn’t need to be hot, you could continue to have water room temperature too for the mentioned benefit.

Myth: You can beat the virus with warm water, salt or vinegar.

Fact: First there is no evidence to prove that the virus stays in throat for four days. Second, gargling is often recommended for a sore throat, however, there is no evidence to suggest that it would prevent infection from COVID-19.

Myth: Homeopathic drug ‘Arsenicum album 30’ for prevention of Coronavirus infection. The message claims that the Ayush Ministry of India has suggested taking the Arsenicum Album-30 * homeopathic medicine for three days to avoid infecting the Coronavirus.

Fact:  Arsenicum album 30 has not been proven or researched scientifically by homeopaths to cure Coronavirus or any other infections in humans.

Myth: Drinking Alum water multiple times a day will help to prevent Coronavirus infection and lower lungs infection.

Fact: There is no evidence to back this msg. Alum is used to cleanse the water but it has nothing specific to do with Covid or it infections.

Myth: Having Garlic pods or Vit C can cure Covid.

Fact: They help in antibiotic properties but are not 100% guarantee of not getting or curing of Covid.

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