Common Myths About Home Remedies

We believe that when it comes to medicine, natural is better, healthier and safer than unnatural or synthetic drugs.

Castor Oil : It has been seen that many women in the final stages of pregnancy who just cannot wait to have their baby takes castor oil believing it will jump start the labor.

  • Fact : Castor oil may help if you are having constipation and need to pass a bowel movement, but it’s not going to help with labor.

Turmeric For Skin : This brightly colored spice contains curcumin which has natural antioxidants & anti inflammatory properties. It treats acne , heal injuries (sun damage) & brings natural glow.

  • Fact: Turmeric if applied directly can temporarily stain your skin a yellow-orangish color. Mixing 1 tbsp honey with 1 tbsp of turmeric & make paste and then apply.


Minor Burns : There are potentially dangerous cure for injuries, including applying toothpaste to burns. Toothpaste has sodium fluoride which works to coat, when applied on skin it can seal in heat & prolong the healing process.

  • Fact: Minor burns can be treated with cold water instead of toothpaste.


Lemon: Lemon is a great fruit, because its low in calories and rich in vitamins. We know lemon for its benefits in weight loss, lets know some other interesting facts about the lemon.

  • Fact: Lemon along with Vit.C Also contains nutrients like Vit.B, Riboflavin, Phosphorus & Magnesium. Lemon juice with warm water can also help eliminate waste in your system and serve as liver tonic.


Hangover : Old myth that lemon & black tea can give relief in hangover.

  • Fact: Coming with some new way to get depleted with hangover, a banana milkshake with honey can give immense relief.


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