Name of Recipe : Cheela (Pancakes)
Rich in :-
Rich in iron
High on protein and amino acids
Rich in vitamin B
High fiber content
High in calcium
Antioxidant & minerals
Gluten free
Appetite suppressant
Easy to digest
Rejuvenating skin

Ingredients : Ragi flour(1/2 cup), Amaranth flour (1 cup)
Yellow moong dal flour (1/2 cup)
Mix veg soup (1/2 cup) ( carrot, beans, spinach, beetroot, peas, tomatoes)
Iodine Rock salt (to taste)

Method : Add Ragi, amaranth and moong dal flour into a bowl. Add mix veg soup slowly and prepare thin batter and add salt to taste. Heat a flat pan. Apply coconut oil for greasing pan. Pour the batter on pan. Keep gas on slow flame. Cook evenly from both sides.

Prep. Time : 10 minute
Cook Time : 5-7 minute per Cheela