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Best Foods With Calcium For Kids

Your child’s diet plays an important role in his/her development. A crucial component of this diet is Calcium. Calcium is widely known to be related to the formation and maintenance of bones, especially in growing kids. Over 99% of the body’s calcium is found in bones and teeth. Hence, the best child nutritionist in Mumbai suggests calcium in the food in your child’s diet is imperative.

Calcium is additionally a crucial and indispensable micronutrient for muscle function, nerve transmission, and hormonal secretion. Inadequate intake of calcium can keep your child from attaining peak bone mass, make their bones weak and cause problems like osteoporosis later in life.

Have a look at some Calcium Products in Kids Diet 

Milk And Dairy Products

Dairy products, especially milk, are good sources of calcium besides being good sources of proteins, Vitamins A and D also. Milk, as suggested by the best child nutritionist in Mumbai is the best source of calcium within the diets of youngsters aged 2 to 18. Regular intake increases mineral content and bone mineral density. additionally to putting together healthy bones, consuming milk, cheese, and yogurt lowers vital signs, boosts immunity, and reduces the danger of diabetes.


If your child is non-vegetarian, what’s better to strengthen his/her bones and include a good dose of Calcium within the diet? Several sorts of meat contain calcium in varying amounts. Red meat, chicken, salmon, shrimp, trout, herring, and a number of other sorts of meat are rich in Calcium. Sardines are containing 324mg of Calcium per 100g, whereas salmon is containing 181mg/100g.


If your child doesn’t like milk and other dairy products, tree nuts are often a good alternative since they’re rich in Calcium as suggested by the best child nutritionist in Mumbai. Some nuts to be added in your kid’s diet are almonds, cashew nuts, and walnuts. These are contained like Almonds 248mg Calcium per 100g, cashew nuts 37mg/100g, and walnuts 98mg/100g.


Millets are considered superior to cereals when it involves some nutrients they contain. There is a list of millets available like Pearl, Kodo, Foxtail, Proso, Barnyard, etc. Finger millets are an upscale source of Calcium with 300 to 350mg of the mineral per 100g and prescribed by the best child nutritionist in Mumbai to be included in your child’s diet to grow healthy bone development.


Originally cultivated within the Middle East and therefore the Mediterranean, chickpeas accompany a good range of health benefits. Chickpeas are an honest source of Calcium, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fiber. Calcium, alongside Iron, Phosphate, and Zinc, found in chickpeas contribute to putting together and maintaining bone structure and strength. Chickpeas are contained 49mg of Calcium per 100g.

Wrapping Up

While all diet remains an important nutrient at various stages in life, kids need Calcium the foremost due to their rapidly developing bone structure. You would possibly think that giving a glass of milk would be enough to satisfy the requirements but it’s not. 

Thus, adding the simplest foods and diet plans by the best child nutritionist in Mumbai can assist you to bridge the gap between the need and therefore the consumption of Calcium in your kid. We are providing the best foods with calcium for your kids, even we have many diet plans for healthy secure and healthy making. 

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