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One of the cities of our country that is famous for not just one, but multiple reasons. Located in Haryana, bordering Punjab, Ambala is famous for the battle of Ambala in which the Sikhs defeated the Mughal army. Also, Ambala has one of the biggest railway stations in the country. Ambala is also renowned for its world-famous wholesale cloth market. It is home to a huge presence of the army and air force. Located on the Delhi Amritsar Highway, Ambala serves as an important stopover for people travelling the route. This makes Ambala really rich in its culinary habits. Sensing the needs of people from Ambala, we planned to open up our health and wellness clinic in the city too. Prem Nagar was chosen as the location so that we are within easy reach of all our clients. Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet clinic has since been the landmark for all people looking for a dietitian in Ambala and wishing to lose/gain their weight or manage their issues. With an experience of more than 14 years in the field of Dietetics and preventive healthcare, Dietitian Shreya became the best dietitian in Ambala. Our easy to cook, kitchen-based diets proved that there is a magic in diets and our outstanding results meant that soon Dietitian Shreya came to be a household name in Ambala. Our Nutritionally Balanced and diet plans are aimed at not only losing weight or gaining weight.

Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic promises to not only take care of your weight, but also,
• Diabetes (Award Winner)
• Hyper/Hypo Thyroid
• Infertility
• Cardiac Health
• Nephrology
• Infertility
• Cancer
• Liver Disorders
• Lipid Disorders
• Immunity Boosting
• Post COVID Diets
Adding another feather to our cap is that now Dietitian Shreya is a certified Aerial Yin Yoga instructor as well. To get your health conditions in check and to overall maintain a healthy life, contact us soon !

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Your search for the best dietitian in Karnal ends here. Contact us for any of your weight issues and/ or health related issues. We specialize in Diabetes Management, Hyper/Hypothyroid, PCOD/S, Cancer, Renal Issues, Infertility and other fast track diet plans.

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