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Situated in the Doaba region at the confluence of the Beas and Sutlej rivers, Kapurthala is one of the oldest princely states that existed in pre-independence India. The French design and style of architecture in many monuments and structures in the city gave it the moniker of “Paris of Punjab”. Kapurthala has many families whose members have migrated to foreign countries and thus the eating habits of the area have great influence from areas outside Punjab. Thus, understanding the needs of the region was paramount and required someone who had a global exposure herself and who better than your globally renowned Dietitian Shreya, undoubtedly the best dietitian in Kapurthala. Getting Punjabis to diet, especially in this belt is a huge task and Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic continues to strive ahead in the quest for gifting everyone with the best of health. From including local delicacies in the diet plans, to providing constant support from our well qualified team are just some of the thing Dietitian Shreya’s does to help you out! Winner of multiple prestigious awards and with an experience of more than 14 years, Dietitian Shreya not only provides great results for weight management, she specializes in a lot of other health issues like:
• Diabetes (Award Winner)
• Hyper/Hypo Thyroid
• Infertility
• Cardiac Health
• Nephrology
• Infertility
• Cancer
• Liver Disorders
• Lipid Disorders
• Fibrosis/Fibromyalgia
With an intent to bring about a revolutionary improvement in the health of people from Kapurthala, we opened up our Clinic at DC Chowk. Since the day we opened up, we have helped countless people lead a better and healthier lifestyle and our invaluable client testimonials are evidence to that. Our kitchen-based diets are customized according to your daily schedule and needs and are kitchen based, thus ensuring that you don’t face any issues in following your diets. There may be many dietitians in Kapurthala but none of them match up to the services and results that Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic provides! Looking forward to you visiting us soon.

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Your search for the best dietitian in Kapurthala ends here. Contact us for any of your weight issues and/ or health related issues. We specialize in Diabetes Management, Hyper/Hypothyroid, PCOD/S, Cancer, Renal Issues, Infertility and other fast track diet plans.

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