Since the day Dietitian Shreya launched her first clinic, the love and trust showered upon her by the people has been outstanding and humbling. The 100 % natural and customised diets, personalised care, and exceptional results have formed a connection that has been irreplaceable and incomparable. 


From one solitary clinic to having its presence pan India, Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic has become the most trusted brand in the field of nutrition & dietetics. Shreya’s Diet Clinic is a renowned and respected brand name in the region. Dietitian Shreya herself is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions in the field of Dietetics & Nutrition. From solving peoples’ weight issues to giving diets for more serious diseases like Diabetes, Alopecia, and BP, Dietitian Shreya has been actively involved in this field for the past 17 years. The dedication and caring attitude to help people made Dietitian Shreya the most admired and loved dietitian across India. Starting from one solitary clinic in her hometown of Chandigarh, soon the brand expanded to pan India. From physical clinics to online sessions, the amount of love & trust the people have for her is immense.


Over the past years, a large number of International clientele too joined Dietitian Shreya’s endeavour to make everyone fit and healthy. People from all parts of the globe signed up for her exclusive customised diets. A huge portion of the demand was from the Middle East. A considerable population from India lives in this part of the world. Dietitian Shreya had been giving diets to clients from this region for a long time and was aware that the demand for a physical centre was huge. That is when the decision was taken to set foot into international waters. Dubai was chosen as the place for Dietitian Shreya’s first international clinic.

Dubai has emerged as a global melting pot of cultures and traditions. Established as a small fishing village in the 18th century, the discovery of oil made Dubai one of the richest demographic areas in the world. Development and Progress happened at a rapid pace and today Dubai is one of the richest Emirates. It is the second largest Emirate & it is the most populated one as well. With its skyline dotted with magnificent buildings & towers, the progress Dubai has seen over the years is immense. Expensive cars, gold & oil trade and rapidly opening businesses are what drive Dubai’s rapid growth as the world’s leading Metropolis. Having become a world centre, Dubai sees expatriates daily. The arrival and settlement of so many people are what made Dubai the melting pot of cultures as well called it earlier. A huge part of the ex-pat population is made up of people who moved from India & our neighbouring countries. People from the region moved to Dubai and its neighbouring Emirates and made a living for themselves. Along with the hard work that it takes to make a living in a foreign country come the issues of diseases and unhealthy lifestyles as well. This is where the Dietitian Shreya experience kicks in. Shreya knew that the life of ex-pats is already tough and demanding. She gave them kitchen-based & customised diet plans that could be followed easily which have made her the most in-demand dietitian for diabetes in Dubai


People had been approaching Dietitian Shreya for their health problems for a long. Issues such as weight, diabetes, hypertension, and blood pressure were common and Shreya’s diets were like magic for them. We have multiple UPSs that make us the Best Indian Dietitian in Dubai.

  1. Dietitian Shreya’s diets are based on easy-to-obtain stuff readily available in most kitchens. 
  2. No matter what the issue may be,  A personal diet counsellor is assigned to each and every one of our family members. The diet counsellors are assisted by a team of motivators.
  3. Based on more than 17 years of experience, Dietitian Shreya’s Diets are designed specifically to reduce and eliminate the usage of medicines.
  4. Over the past many years, our wonder diets have helped countless patients reverse diabetes, control their thyroid levels and many have managed to stop the growth of cancer cells.
  5. Dietitian Shreya’s has been associated with various leading healthcare partners and the exposure and sync with the existing health treatments being taken by our clients are second to none. 
  6. Our diets are not dependent on gymming/workouts.
  7. We specialise in diets for women’s health issues & diets are formulated according to their daily schedule.
  8. When we say “customised & individualised diet plans, we mean it. When no two bodies are the same, why would their diet plans be?


The positive & effective results made Dietitian Shreya one of the most sought-after dietitians in the world and the best dietitian in Dubai. The raving reviews and strong word of mouth made her popular not just among the ex-pats but also among the local population. It did not take long for Dietitian Shreya to realize that there was a need for a physical clinic in Dubai as well.  The path wasn’t an easy one but the love Shreya has for her clients and human health overall made sure she did not stop and toiled hard to ensure that the clinic got opened without any delay. Dietitian Shreya’s first international clinic opened its doors this year in Dubai, and is on the path to transforming lives and making people healthier in the Emirates as well. This is just the first international clinic and there will be many more to come.  Our clinic awaits your arrival with open arms and folded hands! Shukran!