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Capital of the biggest Democracy in the world, Delhi is one of the most populated cities of India. One of the oldest cities in the country, Delhi has been inhabited since the 6th century BCE.  Apart from the historical significance, Delhi is also the cultural, political as well as culinary hub of India. It is an important cultural center of the nation as well. Having been invaded countless number of times since the beginning, Delhi has been influenced by many cultures so the cuisine of the city too has been shaped by many factors. Being the capital, Delhi is home to more than 3 crores people out of whom many have migrated from other cities in search of a better lifestyle. These people brought their cultures with them. No surprise, be it Maharashtra’s Vada Pav, Punjab’s Sarso Ka Saag, South India’s Dosas or Bihar’s very own Litti Chokha, every food from every corner of the nation is available around the corner here in Delhi. Every coin has two sides and so does Delhi. So many people also mean a very competitive and stressed lifestyle, excessive pollution and issues with cleanliness. These things result in the body facing health issues. Out of the four clinics we have in the NCR, we are located at two locations in Delhi.

Punjabi Bagh:

Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic opened up its first Delhi clinic at Punjabi Bagh. Located in the heart of West Delhi, our clinic in Punjabi Bagh caters to the dietary needs of the clients from not only West Delhi, but the rest of Delhi as well.

Greater Kailash 2:

With the huge amount of love and faith shown to us by the people of Delhi, we decided to open up another center for wellness at one of the poshest locations of Delhi, Greater Kailash 2.  While exiting from Gate No. 3 of the GK Metro Station, crossing the road is all it takes for you to cross over into the world of good health.

The aim was to help the people of Delhi to have healthier alternatives to their eating habits. With longer travelling times and long working hours, little time is left for exercise or walks. We offer special diets that take care of your weight issues and other health issues.  Life expectancy has shortened considerably over the years but here at Dietitian Shreya’s Clinic, we aim to make everyone health fit and fine, both internally and externally. The very next year we opened up another clinic at Greater Kailash 2. With an experience of more than 14 years, Dietitian Shreya is already an established and renowned name across the country in the line of Dietetics and Preventive Healthcare. She offers special customized and individualized plans specifically for the people of Delhi and the results have been exceptional. With a huge expertise in

  • Diabetes (Award Winner)
  • Hyper/Hypo Thyroid
  • Infertility
  • Cardiac Health
  • Nephrology
  • PCOD/S
  • Infertility
  • Cancer
  • Liver Disorders
  • Lipid Disorders
  • COPD
  • Fibrosis/Fibromyalgia
  • Weight Management

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Your search for the best dietitian in Delhi ends here. Contact us for any of your weight issues and/ or health related issues. We specialize in Diabetes Management, Hyper/Hypothyroid, PCOD/S, Cancer, Renal Issues, Infertility and other fast track diet plans. 

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