Barley Mojito – Dietitian Shreya

Here’s a western twist to our very indian ‘jau sattu’, so before we jump into the recipe of this unique mojito, let me surprise you with the power pact nutrition it provides you.

Each ingredient added to make it gives you nutritional value. Jau sattu is great for summers, it helps in preventing a heat stroke. It’s a very healthy drink for pregnant mothers, for kids and even adults who have diabetes and arthritis as it’s very rich in calcium. Barley contains more amount of calcium than in milk. It also helps in weight loss as it’s fiber rich. So many benefits out of a single thing!

Coming to it’s ingredients like chia seeds they provide protein and dietary fibers to you, very good for cholesterol. Mint leaves are rich in vitamin A and tamarind, lemon gives you vitamin C which will help you to absorb all the iron you will be getting from the next ingredients which is water from earthen pot, this is one of the best options in summers rather than your fridge water as water from our traditional matka gives you many minerals one of them being iron and calcium.

Other rich sources of iron are cumin seeds and jaggery, which also contains magnesium zinc and certain nutrition which destroys free radicals in your body helping you fit illness, Pretty amazing ! Last ingredient used is a pinch of rock salt giving you iodine required for your body.

So all in all calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, zinc and protein are the nutrition you will be getting out of this one drink ! If you have constipation this will help but avoid it if you have diarrhoea as its fiber rich.

Recipe for Barley Mojito

In a jug with 500 ml water add 2 tablespoon jau sattu(you make it at home by roasting pearl barley and grinding it till it’s a fine powder). Add 2 tsp soaked chia seeds

Add crushed mint leaves, half a lemon juice and jaggery water according to your taste.

Add two Tablespoon tamarind water into the jug. Add roasted and crushed jeera with a pinch of rock salt. You can add some ice in it, mix well. Your barley mojito is ready !

 Hope you enjoy this recipe! Wishing you wellness and fitness !

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