September 29th, World Heart Day 💓. 

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Get the complete knowledge of heart diseases and diets..

We are celebrating this day by launching a manual on “Dil ki diet” where we plan to create awareness on 📣📢

• Introduction

• Functioning of the Heart

• Types of Cardiovascular disorders 

• Diagnostic tests for various Cardiovascular diseases 

• Diet for a healthy heart

• Foods to avoid with blood thinners

and a plethora of other topics related to the Heart.

This book is a complete guide for a healthy heart✔❣. Many of you joined us during Anngyan 1 where we taught you how to make diet plans, calculating BMI, calculating your daily nutritional requirements and various cooking methods then came Anngyan 2 where we imparted knowledge about all the organs in the human body, their diseases, diagnostic tests and diets. After the humongous success 🎊of both Anngyan 1 & 2, we are launching🚀 Anngyan 3 on Dil ki diet on September 29th, World Heart Day.

Following the social distancing guidelines during this pandemic, we are not conducting Anngyan 3 one on one. It will be conducted through a webinar and the E-books would be shared via email📧.

Fee- ₹ 1500/-

Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

To enroll, call on 7307303835