Alcohol is the oldest known recreational drug. Used for the past nine thousand years. Socially there are many myths that exist about the use of alcohol. It is true that alcoholism and alcohol abuse is the third leading cause of preventable death which includes violence, vehicle accidents, different types of health problems. In today’s time, about 80% of world’s population consume alcohol and around 60% are addicted to it. In this article, we have mentioned some most common myths and facts about the use of alcohol and along with that, we are also explaining how much calories are present in different types of alcohols.

Myth: Alcohol is a Non-Addictive Substance
FACT: This myth is not completely true because unlike other drugs like heroin and methamphetamine alcohol does not immediately create any type of physical addiction. But alcohol use causes a psychological dependency in the person. For Eg. When someone begins to use alcohol more frequently, they crave for being high through this and they feel that they cannot enjoy without alcohol. In their mind, they need alcohol throughout the day. When their psychological dependency increases, a physical addiction begins to appear. Our brain becomes accustomed to alcohol and without it, we start to feel anxiety, depression, shivering, shakes, nausea etc. For those that have an addictive personality, the risk is much higher for developing an addiction to alcohol.



Myth: Food in the Stomach Helps Absorb Alcohol
FACT: Many people believe eating a large meal before drinking help them to absorb the alcohol and it permits them to drink more. Although this sounds logical, it is not true. Eating a full meal may affect how much you can drink, but for a different reason. Large meals cause the stomach to produce more of the enzyme that breaks down food and alcohol and keeps ingested substances in the stomach longer before passing it through to the small intestine.


Myth: Alcohol Use is Not as Dangerous as Drug Use
FACT: Alcohol is the most heavily abused substance in the world. Around thirty percent of all emergency room visits are due to or related to alcohol. Alcohol has, directly and indirectly, claimed more lives than all other drugs substances. The myth that alcohol is safe to use as compared to other drugs is completely false. Although other drugs may cause dependency quicker alcohol can cause overdose, heavily impaired judgment, and numerous health problems.

MYTH: Beer Is Less Intoxicating Than Other Alcoholic Beverages
FACT: It is absolutely not true because beer contains the same amount of alcohol whether it is beer or wine. Whether it is a glass of beer, one glass of wine, or one normal sized cocktail liquor all of them all equally intoxicating.