There is new addition of the bogie named Ludhiana in Shreya’s National express – Healthy India. After setting up our services in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and Jalandhar, we have marked Ludhiana as our new step for opening Shreya’s Clinic, which was prolonged demand of locals. Yes it’s time to rename city of foodies to city of healthy foodies. Now Ludhiana pals can give their taste buds a healthy treat. Ludhiana has a large metro base, so is its lifestyle and eating habits sometimes get out of the box. We sensed it and wanted to impart our class services to the city. Now people here will be able to reap the diet tips related to ageing, malnutrition, chronic and acute disease management, shedding for wedding, healthy tiffin options and healthy cooking recipes by the north India’s best dietitian Dt. Shreya. I am too excited for the launch, and me and my team is ready to serve you, said Shreya. With this 6th clinic opening the network will be widened and there will be more coverage and better services for the people around Ludhiana covering all the suburbs too. There will be full time dedicated team which will help ladies look beautiful and gentlemen look smart. So Ludhiana, it’s time to get healthy and enthusiastic- book your appointments at 487-R, above ICICI Bank Model Town, Ludhiana.


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