Should we avoid CURD in winters? When it’s the best thing we can have…

The dry skin in winters is one of the major problems faced by people. Experts say that people should take ‘lactobacillus bath’ to avoid skin problems in winters.

The moisture content in the air in winter remains low, so the skin may get dry if moisturizer is not in right amount. Using milk or curd for application on all over the skin surface and taking bath with plain water after 20 to 25 minutes is called lactobacillus bath. It is adjudged as the best skin care during winters. But eating curd with every meal will benefit you from inside and make your skin moisturized, young and will give you glowing complexion, while making your nervous system strong and provide your body with essential nutrients and minerals.

The lactobacillus bacteria on skin surface get washed away by soap during bath. The bacteria is essential for skin as it creates mild acidity on the surface. Mild acidity actually helps to maintain the strength and cohesiveness of the skin. Lactobacillus bacteria safeguard the body from infections.

Curd is hot in potency, So, it is advised that it should be avoided in summer, especially for those people who has the problems of acidity and hyper-acidity. Curd enhances digestion and also strengthens the digestive system. Being acidic in nature, it enhances salivation which ultimately helps in digestion of food. Yogurt keeps you away from bacterial oral problems. Tartar and Bacteria which are the reasons for many oral diseases are prevented by Curd. Curd is thirst quencher and also reduces the burning sensation when taken with sugar. Curd along with little quantity of sugar and salt acts like as an appetizer.

Here are Health Benefits of curd:

1. Curd helps in building/strengthening our immune system

2. Curd helps us in improving digestion

3. Due to the high calcium content, curd helps to form strong bones

4. Curd helps us to effectively deal with osteoporosis

5. Eating curd or yogurt helps us in increasing the absorption capacity of nutrients and minerals available in our foods

6. People who are lactose intolerant can gain the benefits of the nutrients present in yogurt/curd

7. Curd intake gives relief to people suffering from dysentery

8. Consumption of curd helps in vaginal infections

9. Curd helps us to cope with stomach problems

10. Curd has an added advantage of bringing down high blood pressure

11. Curd helps in coping with high cholesterol levels

12. Curd helps in cases of constipation and colon cancer

13. Curd is a good snack for those trying to lose weight

 Curd is not the food which should be avoided in winters. Actually, it can be taken in winters, but at room temperature, or blended with fruits, added a pinch of salt & black pepper.

So, Think before you totally avoid your curd intake…

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