Did you know that you can get complete nutrition just by eating colorful fruits and vegetables? yes you read it right, it is the nature’s way of highlighting different nutrients in the food by providing different colors. The winter season bring lots of colorful fruits and veggies to rule out the dullness of the weather. Though we all believe a myth that winters end up adding kilos to our body, it depends on us how wisely we choose and combine the food options available to stay just healthy and fit. Its not at all difficult if we apply rainbow formula to choose among the colorful fruits and veggies available. so load up the best options and stay healthy.

Considering the seven colors, the options are many:
1) Red: the red color food items are red tomatoes and red capsicums. They are rich in Vitamin C and have anti oxidant properties which make them heart healthy. they help in preventing cancer and helps in boosting immunity of the body. we can consume them raw in the form salad and can be used as ingredient of vegetables as well.
2) Blue, indigo and violet: these color foods are great for their anti-ageing properties. This category includes eggplant an purple cabbage and have abundant of antioxidants. they improve blood circulation and prevents blood clots. This category food is good for keeping heart healthy and boost memory function by reducing damage caused by radicals.
3) Green: winters are known for its green vegetables. you can choose from broccoli, spinach, green chillis, capsicum, cucumber , kiwi, beans etc. green color is regarded as clean, crisp an refreshing. They hep in reducing vision related issues by keeping eyesight healthy. green fruits an vegetables contain phyto-chemicals such as luteins and inoles which are good for the heart. greens are high in fibre and promote a healthy digestive system.
4) Yellow: yellow food indicates presence of magnesium and vitamin C. Yellow is a sharpening color that enhances, focus, communication and alertness. this is the major reason it is used in food packaging. the food variety of yellow color is as : lemon, corns, papaya, yellow capsicum. yellow food helps the body heal wounds, keep skin healthy, maintain bones and muscles & are good for eyesight.
5) Oranges: the food available in this color are oranges, shakarkandi. this color is a blend of red and yellow and presence of alpha and beta carotene gives them this color. our body converts these compounds into vitamin A which keep eyes, bones and immune system healthy.
So, you can make numerous choices as per your taste and availability from the rainbow diets and the combination of various colorful food will keep you healthy, happy and vibrant.

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