Whether any one follows cricket or not, there is someone in Indian Cricket team who is adored by everyone because of his looks, personality and most importantly THE FTNESS. The youth is mad about Virat Kohli irrespective of their gender. It is rightly said that you are, what you eat and Kohli himself is the biggest example. He underwent a major change in his diet in 2012 and experienced a boost in his cricketing career since then as the healthy diet gave him energy for training and exercise regime. he lost 10 kilos of weight when followed a healthy eating regime. I am sharing a glimpse of the routine he follows in his daily life to stay healthy and fit.

Virat is a big supporter of eating freshly cooked homemade food. He always suggests others not to eat outside.

Alike I always advise keep yourself hydrated if you want to stay healthy, Virat consumes mineral water only. Whether on tours or on practice sessions, he is very particular about the water he is getting served.

When on tours, he prefer the diet of red salmon and lamb chops as they are rich in protein and provides him energy and power for the rigorous exercise regimes & practice sessions.

He just loves nuts and dry fruits with black coffee to keep him going for the long day.

Following a healthy lifestyle, Mr. Kohli has made eat Right Diet a motto and promotes the slogan of Avoid junk. He himself can be seen munching organic wheat crackers over the fried chips as they can harm your body to the level more you can even imagine.

All in all, you need to exercise self control while eating. Consuming ice creams, candies, chips, cola etc. sounds very tempting but is dangerous like hell. Don’t ruin your fitness goals and achieve a fit body and an attractive personality. Start following the healthy eating regime of Mr. Kohli along with his game and personality to experience a wonderful change in your health.

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