When we talk about the sexual ability in men, all we need to understand is about the hormone called testosterone which is responsible for many important roles in male body like: maintaining bone density and muscle mass, sex drive, Strengthening of mass and muscles, sperm production and while puberty.
Puberty is the most important stage of a person’s life irrespective of the gender and testosterone has the major role in the male puberty. Though the availability of this hormone is a crucial matter, the number more/less than required can cause major health issues and require professional diagnosis and care.
The normal levels of testosterone in a healthy male body range from 280 to 1100 nanograms per decilitres (ng/dl). The problem occurs when the testosterone level is imbalanced and the number increases/ decreases. Any of the conditions is equally dangerous. One can cope up with this issue with the intake of balanced nutritional diet.
The medical condition of LOW TESTOSTERONE level is termed as HYPOGONADIUM and it can be treated with the following diet:

1. Increase the intake of Vitamin D as it is that nutrient which helps the body to absorb Calcium. It is important for bone health, immune system and also for production of testosterone.

2. Include Tuna in your diet but in limit else it can cause prostate cancer because of intake of excess of Omega 3.

3.Drink Low fat milk.

4. Oysters as they are rich in Vitamin C, proteins and B-12

You can chose among Shellfish, crabs, lobsters and beans as per your food choices and taste to complete the portion if Vitamin D and Zinc in your diet.

The food that can lower the level of testosterone is:

Flaxseeds as they are compound lignans which are estrogenic.
Mint, peppermint, spearmint
Trans Fats

The qualities of confidence, ambition and strength are closely associated with high testosterone levels. There are some side effects of high level of the hormone as well and they are:

High consumption of alcohol
High tendency of smoking

The men are more likely to participate in the risk taking criminal activities and sexual behaviour
High blood pressure, aggression, lung diseases, skin infection, high number of red blood cells, infertility and alteration in sexual organs are the other side effects.
If you are diagnosed with low testosterone levels under your physical and blood tests, you might be prescribed hormone replacement such as tablets, skin patches, topical gels or injections. But all these have major side effects. So, kindly consult a medical nutritionist and make changes in the diet you follow to overcome the disorder.

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