The Indian Army is the 2nd biggest army in the world. It is also a combination of traditions, customs, values, regimentation, experience, ethos and culture making it the best example of unity in diversity. Not only this, the Men in Olive Green act as a shield and sword which secures our nation in every condition by keeping our enemy at bay and by securing the people. They are adored and respected by the entire nation for their valor and sense of duty. Most of us are aware of their stellar contributions and triumphs to the civilian life.

Indian Army and Bravery

Indian Army has combated a large number of opponents worldwide such as Turks of the mighty Ottoman Empire, Japanese, Germans, Italians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Somalis, Portuguese, Hutu rebels in Rwanda and not to forget terrorists in North East and Jammu Kashmir.

Indian soldiers had excellently demonstrated their bravery, corollary, and valor worldwide. During the World Wars, Indian officers and soldiers bagged the largest number of Victoria Crosses- A total number of 42; next to the Royal British Army.

Post Independence, the Indian Army has fought numerous operational challenges which include four vital wars on Indian borders.

Indian Army and Their Working Conditions

The Indian Army is working under life-threatening situations and weather conditions. Some of them are:

Siachen Glaciers- 18,875 feet above sea level, Temperature as low as 50 degree Celsius, average winter snowfall 1000cm.

Indo-Pakistan Border Rajasthan- Sandstorms, blistering heat, and dust storms with temperature more than 50 degrees.

Indo-Chinese Border Arunachal Pradesh- One of the most tensed area, with unstable weather condition.

Indo-Chinese Border Sikkim- One of the most tensed areas with unpredictable weather such as heavy rain and snow.

Jammu and Kashmir- Weather conditions, terrorism, and insurgency.

Indian Army and Diet Given to them

We just can’t imagine their working situation and condition. They do everything for us but, do they get as per their work? Here, we are going to highlight the diets that are provided to the Army Men on work.

Indian Army Men gets to eat Roti(110calories/roti), Dal(170 calories/125ml), Dahi(98 calories/100gm), Salad(190calories/serving size 100gm), Egg(71 calories/piece), Papad(31 calories/1piece), Mix Veg(180calories/100gm)  on daily basis which includes their three meals, breakfast, and lunch, dinner. They also get Chicken (450 calories/250gm) weekly or on special occasions.

Diets Provided In Other Countries

United States- Chili Beans(107 calories/100gm), Spaghetti(158 calories/100g) or beef stew(207 calories/100gms), veggie burger in bbq sauce(260 calories/1 piece), chicken fajita tortilla(210calories per serving), corns(110calories per 100gms), dry fruits(244 calories in 100gm).

United Kingdom- Chicken(150calories in100gms), vegetarian pasta(310 calories in 1 serving), pork(163 calories in 100gms), beans(136 calories in 100gms) with tea and coffee with snacks.

Germany- Liver sausage(305 calories/100gms), rye bread(259 calories/100gms), fruit juice(54calories/100gms), goulash with potatoes(298 calories/100gms), sour cherry(52 calories/100gms) and apricot jams(48 calories in 1 tablespoon).

Requirement of Proper Nutrients

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining fitness, keeps you ready for the mission and operational tasks. Food isn’t only to maintain health, but it plays a significant role in reducing fatigue during tasks and fueling for performance.

Our soldiers are deployed in different areas in distinctive climate conditions such as hot, humid jungles, hot desert, and snowbound high-altitude areas. The major requirement is of adequate nutrition for maintaining fitness under life-threatening operational situations and climatic conditions. The energy consumption of Army men is much higher than normal people because of training and operations. The appetite and thirst responses get affected due to extreme environmental conditions making an impact on water and food consumption.  Maintenance of sufficient amount of electrolyte level and hydration is vital for hot environments. The diet planning for Army men at the combat operations difficult task as it demands surety between the nutrient requirement for palatability and optimum health.

Do you think that our Army Men get enough for their body? No, I don’t think so. Diet for Amy personal should be the diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean proteins like beans, fish, chicken breast, egg whites, low-fat or non-fat dairy products. Whole-milk products, fried items, refined grains and added sugar should be avoided.  To fulfill the Vitamin requirements one should have steamed vegetables, fruits with skin and green leafy vegetables. Here is the example of diet for Army Men.

Fruits and vegetables Eat at least 3 – 5 servings of colorful vegetables and 2 or more servings of fruit each day.
Grains Aim for 6 or more servings of whole grain products each day.
Fiber 20 – 35 grams of dietary fiber are recommended daily, although a low-fiber diet may be preferred during some operations.
Dairy Aim to have 3 cups of low-fat dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese, each day.
Meat/beans Eat 200gms of meat or beans (legumes) each day, with lean or low-fat choices that are heavy on fish, beans, peas, nuts and seeds.

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