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No matter what the health problems are if you look around deliberately, nature always has a treatment for it in some way or the other. Obesity is one of the most talked health problems in these days. As a big population is suffering, it can also be considered as a global epidemic. Losing weight is effective only when you shed your weight through natural ways, without any supplements, medicines or portion control. If you allow the nature to step into your lifestyle, you can get amazing results.

If you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can easily beat the weight loss products that too without any side-effects. You just need to know the correct food and the best intake time. Dietitian Shreya is going to highlight some amazing health benefits of a powerful fat cutter which is widely used in Indian Kitchens. Kalonji, also known as black seeds, Kale til, or black cumin seeds. These tiny black seeds are effective in weight loss and save you from expensive medications or rigorous exercises. It is for sure that after today you will not find losing weight as a grave challenge if you consume Kalonji water followed with a healthy diet.

What Makes Kalonji Seeds Superior
The major components present in the Kalonji are thymoquinone and nigellone. One Kalonji seed consists around 35% of oil and includes linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid. It also provides amino acids and protein that are essential for the body. Apart from these, Kalonji seeds also have alkaloids, volatile oils and essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron and several Vitamins.
Kalonji and Weight Loss
Kalonji is highly applauded for its weight loss abilities. It is confirmed that a regular intake of Kalonji helps to get rid of abdominal fat. Its weight loss efficiency is directly linked to its blood sugar controlling features. It improves your body’s metabolic system and prevents your cravings for sugar. It also regulates the sugar absorption from your diet.

The benefits of Kalonji don’t end here. It is rich in anti-oxidants and dietary fibers that help to clean the body and removes toxins and waste. It stimulates digestion which helps to get you the most out of your diets. The seeds prevent gassiness and bloating because of its carminative effect. Proteins and fibers help to keep you full and curb your appetite. Kalonji also helps in shedding extra weight.

Here is the easiest way to include Kalonji in your lifestyle.

Ingredients Required:
A glass of water.
1 Teaspoon Kalonji seeds.

Take a glass of water.
Add one tablespoon Kalonji seeds into the water.
Leave it for a night.
Drink the Kalonji water and swallow the seeds.
Make sure to keep a gap of 30-40 minutes between the intake of Kalonji water and your breakfast.

The health benefits of Kalonji seeds are innumerable. It is one of the most healing medicinal components in nature for our body. It doesn’t only help to get off extra weight but also promotes healthy living. It is the most effective and cheapest way to the path of fitness. Get ready to spice up your journey to weight loss and healthy living with the help of Kalonji.

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