We always imagine a movie image that a person clutching his chest and crying in pain is getting a typical heart attack but it is not case every time. In fact every one of us during our lifetime must have thought once that we are getting a heart attack. Some people getting heart attack primarily complain about the pain in stomach and the one having heart burns/ acidity have pain in chest. Both the conditions of Acidity as well as Heart Attack have similar symptoms like discomfort and chest pain so to differentiate among both is difficult for the people from non-medical background.
Here are few conditions from which we can differentiate between the two:
Symptoms- The common symptom of both is chest pain but there are co-existing symptoms with which we can differentiate. When someone feels burning in the stomach along with the bitter taste in the mouth along with the chest pain, it indicates the movement of acidic content of stomach back to the mouth. While the difficulty in breathing, sweating and/or dizziness indication is more likely towards heart attack.
Medicinal help- In case you feel relieved after taking any medicine which neutralize stomach acid within few minutes, then it is certainly Heart burn and in case there is no change in the condition with these medicines, then it can be a heart attack and one should rush to the doctor immediately.
Precautions- Chest pain can really turn into the life threatening heart attack or even can be treated with simple medicinal care in case of heart burn. But as we have heard that prevention is better than cure, so please be cautious while facing any of the above stated symptoms. In case you feel difficulty in breathing or sweating along with the chest pain, please call the emergency immediately.
Medical Reports- in case of severe chest pain one should go for certain tests like ECG as the heart is not getting the proper blood supply and the electrical activity in the ECG graph would indicate the same. While in case of a Heart Burn there will be no change in the electrical activity of the heart.
Be careful and always seek the advice of a medical practitioner in case you feel the symptoms are indicating towards some serious ailment. The heart burns and heart attacks can be prevented by diet management; a professional is always a player in defining the ailment.

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